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A wistful note from out the sky,“Pure, pure, pure,” in plaintive tone,As if the wand’rer were alone,And hardly knew to sing or cry.But now a flash of eager wing,Flitting, twinkling by the wall,And pleading sweet and am’rous call,–Ah, now I know his heart doth sing!O bluebird, welcome back again,Thy azure coat and ruddy vestAre hues… Continue reading THE BLUEBIRD

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My Wheelchair

I don't like my wheelchair every day I don't like my wheelchair in any way Every morning when I get up and prayLord all thoughts, may they not go astrayI struggle and strive with my daily tasks My family and friends sincerely will ask How do you manage to keep up at this pace Handling frustrations with honor and graceI don't like my wheelchair, yes that I did sayI long to take… Continue reading My Wheelchair



Active I’m waiting for Spring and other nice things, Aren’t you? I’m waiting for warmer sunnier weather, I’m waiting for little things with fluffy feathers. Aren’t you? I’m waiting for those pretty little spotted eggs, Laid by those little creatures with tiny stick legs, Aren’t you? by Eileen Image: Pinterest

My Poems

Fear in The Moonlight

The night is very dark with a slight summerbreeze,A shimmer of moon peeking through the branches of trees.I hear another’s footsteps in the distance from behind,Hopefully the owner is a person that’s very kind.As I continue to walk further, a pounding in my heart,The moon gets brighter as the clouds start to part.I turn around… Continue reading Fear in The Moonlight

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Da spreeng ees com’ but oh, da joyEet ees too late !He was so cold, my leetla boy,He no could wait. I no can count how manny week,How manny day, dat he ees seeck,how manny night I seet an’ holdda leetla hand dat was so cold. He was so patience,oh, so sweet.Eet hurts my throat… Continue reading ” DA LEETLA BOY “

My Poems ~ Others poems

Soft Light

On winter nights my bedroom seemed gray and bland, Then  mom would turn on the lamp on the bedside stand. I can't explain how it happend with one small click, So pink and so bright, it was like a magical trick. Night after night soft pink roses would light up my room,   I felt warm and safe,… Continue reading Soft Light


Country Pictures

Do pictures of cows and barns remind you of a much simpler time?Do you ever wish that you could travel back,back to the country corners of your mind?Memories of goodness and happiness may you never lack.Are you longing in your heart for the good old days,Walking through fields where the Jersey cows graze?In your minds… Continue reading Country Pictures

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It’s pouring down rain, big puddles on the street,School is out, at the bus stop the kids all meet.The girls have red capes and carry umbrella’s,Black boots and raincoats are worn by the fella’s.At home I’ll change into my PJ’s made of silk,Then Mom will give me some cookies and Eileen C.

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The Poems I Write

The Poems I Write ~ #1 The poems I write might make you ill My empty head they do fill Now and then I get one right And I cherish it with all my might Eileen ~ "2010" The Poems I Write ~ #2 The poems I write might make you ill I do not… Continue reading The Poems I Write