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Cooked Goose

You know the old saying your goose is cooked
Whenever I hear that I really get shooked
I hear there's some truth to that nasty old saying
I'm valuable cause of the many eggs I keep laying

You have to learn how to run really fast
If you don't, how long will your life last
I've learned to do more then just waddle
You'd be smart to use me as a role model

Don't get caught walking around here alone
The inside of a kettle will be your next home
Keep you bill shut, don't utter a honk or quack
If you get noticed it may be your last act

Author Eileen Clark

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My Teddy Bear Is Scared

Mommy I'm sorry to wake you up so late
But teddy is scared so it couldn't wait
He heard a loud noise outside our window
Jumping out of bed he then hurt his toe

Mommy can teddy and me stay in your room tonight
He's real scared and he's holding my hand so tight
I know he'll feel better if you turn on a dim light
When morning comes teddy says he will be alright

I bet you will be happy mommy when I get all grown up
You and daddy can replace teddy with a new little pup
Soon I will be big enough to sleep in my bed by myself
Then we can find a place for teddy on my closet shelf

Author Eileen Clark 2022

Image: Found on Pinterest
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Autumn Fires

In the other gardens
And all up the vale,
From the autumn bonfires
See the smoke trail!

Pleasant summer over
And all the summer flowers,
The red fire blazes,
The grey smoke towers.

Sing a song of seasons!
Something bright in all!
Flowers in the summer,
Fires in the fall!

Author Robert Louis Stevenson
My Paintings

The Cat On The Road

It seems I have been dumped off in the middle of the night                                          Alone on this road I'm wondering what will be my plight                                             Could it have been that I scratch up the stair railing                                                                         I noticed lately the misters affection for me was failing

Did I get too much hair on the misters black suit                                                        Guess I was wrong in believing he thought I was cute                                                     Maybe it was all the knitting I did on her bedspread                                                          I'll stop knitting and come winter my fur won't shed

In the darkest of nights I see a car slowing down                                                                   Please let it be a nice human from the nearby town                                                        Being scooped up gently into somebody's arms                                                                    I hear them say softly, I mean to do you no harm

I'm taking you home to my family on our very big farm

Author Eileen Clark 2022


My Paintings

Take Your Children By Hand

Take your children by hand and a paper bag                                                                                 Hurry, don't let your feet too slowly drag                                                                                    Into the woods today we're headed for sure                                                                                                     Going to let nature give us a memorable tour                                                         
                                                                                                                                                             Now sun is yellow and warm making bright our faces                                                                             Soon we'll be in cool dark green whispering places
Big things we see, gigantic boulders, tall pine trees
We're looking for tiny things hidden under rocks                            
logs and leaves

We might find a Lady Slipper and give it to Mom
A Jack-in-the-Pulpit we could give to Uncle Rom
Sweet berries are every where, but we mustn't eat
Watch the birds, see if they do make them a treat

Shush, I hear a sound coming from that hallow log                                                                          on the ground
It might be a frog, chipmunk, or possibly a fairy
sneaking around
"I believe your imagination has gone off in a whirl
You funny child, it's only a fluffy brown squirrel"

The sun now a orange and red in the lower cooler
darkened sky,
To the birds, frogs, chipmunks, squirrels, and                                                                                  possibly a fairy say goodbye
Get your rocks, berries, Lady Slippers, your leaves, moss and wood
When we get home and empty your bag, we'll see that you did really good

Place the moss in the garden, rocks and wood on your shelf in a row,
Your golden leaves pressed in wax paper and hung in the kitchen window.
All that fresh air, running and climbing has made you a sleepy head,
Eat your supper, have your hot shower, then off you go to bed.

Dreaming about the Lady slippers, frogs, squirrels and possibly a fairy no longer in its secret place,
When morning comes and your refreshed, check the bag, make sure it's empty---just saying in case.                                                              
Author Eileen Clark 


My Paintings

Kitten In The Fall Leaves

There  is nothing more hilarious for any of us to see 
Is to watch a kitten jump into a raked up pile of leaves
Even better,  trying to catch one slowly drifting down
Floating on a breeze that has the kitten twirling around

When they crawl in through the bottom of this neat pile
You stand there in expectation wearing a slight smile
Suddenly they pop up with big eyes looking right at you
Leaves flying everywhere, it’s not likely you had no clue

Next comes the most entertaining activity of the year
You laugh so hard your eyes get filled up with tears
Oh for a camera so you could have taped this episode
Standing in front of you that pile of leaves explodes

Author Eileen Clark 2022

Beautiful Painting

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I Am 82

Here I am at the ripe old age of eighty-two

Can’t say I’m still standing, that wouldn’t be true

I use a power wheelchair to get myself around

As for my mental state, I think I’m fairly sound


I need some help in the morning getting out of bed

The caregiver then makes sure my two cats are fed

I eat some eggs or maybe a cheese danish instead

Some scriptures from my Bible next will be read


It still seems strange not having far to look ahead

It’s not that it wasn’t there right along, often I have said

But now it’s right in front of me, so I should not dread

It’s a fact, eventually everyone of us will end up dead


Author Eileen Clark

My Paintings

The Duck With No Web Feet

This little duck didn't have webbed feet
Other ducks laughed when they'd meet
His mama said, I think it is really neat
He swims and waddles to his own beat

This little duck was named Webless Hank
When others laughed his little heart sank
After all he had no trouble walking on land
His daddy said his swimming was quite grand

You know this little duck could even climb trees
And swing from branches, tail waving in the breeze
He grew up proud with great parents he could thank
No matter how big the pond, he would have never sank

So how this tail ends I'll tell you my feathered friends
When the wind blows, with it you must always learn to bend
No matter how much and loud the other ducks honk and quack
Pay no attention, let it roll, like water off a duck's back

Author Eileen Clark 2022

From the author, it’s just a fun poem, no reason why the idea came to me, it just did.

Why might it be hard to survive as a duck with web-less feet?  It’s solely because of ineffectiveness while swimming. Ducks need web in place of space as we humans have, as they spend a lot of time in swimming in the water. This is just a  cute poem I had fun writing friends.

Beautiful painting image:

My Paintings

September 2012

It was in September of 2012 that I created this blog I named, Books & Poems Coffee & Teas. I had learned about blogging from a friend on another website and I registered myself and started my first blog. I felt so silly writing things out to myself and no one listening to me or answering. In a short time I wandered over to other peoples blogs to see what they had to say and how there’s looked. After many months of trials and errors I got a response from someone and friends, I was hooked!  Then I discovered and fell in love with it. I do, I love WordPress.

Many of you have been following me for several years now and know my history. For any that don’t, I have rheumatoid arthritis and use a power chair to get  around. I hardly ever leave my home except for a doctors visit once a year if that often. That is why this website is so important to me by filling up my days and having the time pass quickly. I never get bored because I enjoy posting every day and getting your likes and your comments. I am using this ten year anniversary to thank you and I look forward to you coming back often. I would also like to thank for giving us this wonderful platform to express ourselves and keep in touch with our family and friends around the world.  My best regards, your fellow blogger, Eileen Clark

My Paintings

What Is It About Fall

What is it about fall

That makes us want to buy school supplies

Even though we’re over the age of fifty five

What is it about fall 

That makes us feel the need to eat pumpkin pies

Even though we really love eating burgers and fries

What is it about fall

That has us asking family members to go for a walk

Usually when they ask we’re the first ones to balk

What is it about fall

That we love to spend time outside raking up leaves

Knowing it will stir up our allergies making us sneeze

What is it about fall

I’ll tell you what it is about fall 

That every year it renews our hearts so as not to go adrift

And reminds us that Jehovah’s love gave us this beautiful gift

That’s what it is about fall

Author Eileen Clark 2022

My Paintings

Slow Down

It seems I missed the last several days                                                                       I'm moving through life within a haze                                                                              No, it looks like I've missed a few weeks                                                                           It may be my life needs quite a few tweaks

I woke up this  morning to a frigid freeze                                                                         What happened to last week's spring breeze                                                              I'm rushing through life missing beautiful things                                                           I need to remove my shoes that have grown wings

Before it all ends; in my work I could drown I should listen to those that are saying slow down Relax for awhile, read a book, drink some wine You just might live to the age of ninety-nine

Author Eileen Clark

Image ~

My Paintings

Feeding The Birds or Feeding The Cats

While I'm filling my big bird feeder up                                                                     Knowing their time to live I could disrupt                                                                       Having it low enough to reach so I can fill                                                                 High enough so cats don't have an easy kill

My cats have bowls of food around in the house                                                              They also have places to find and catch a mouse                                                        Winter birds have trouble finding bugs and worms                                                                       Life is not so easy, it doesn't go by their terms

My cats could be so warm sleeping near the heater                                                        Instead there outside lurking under the bird feeder                                                              So am I feeding the birds or feeding my cats I wonder                                                                  No matter which it is I ask, am I making a blunder 

Author Eileen Clark


My Paintings

Where’s That Smile
Where’s that smile of yours today
What do you mean you put it away
Do you want to bring everyone down
We don’t feel good seeing you frown

Do you at least have it close by
Before you make all of us cry
Perhaps you have it in your pocket 
Or do we need a key to unlock it

I can see that your feeling very bad
Otherwise you wouldn’t look so sad
Is it something that you can talk about
It might be a help to just let it all out

If you give us a smile or just a slight grin
You can then release all your endorphins
Forcing that smile can bring you a boost 
Then some of your stress could be reduced

Author Eileen Clark


My Paintings

A Good Boy

I woke before the morning, I was happy all the day,
I never said an ugly word, but smiled and stuck to play.

And now at last the sun is going down behind the wood,
And I am very happy, for I know that I've been good.

My bed is waiting cool and fresh, with linen smooth and fair,
And I must be off to sleepsin-by, and not forget my prayer.

I know that, till to-morrow I shall see the sun arise,
No ugly dream shall fright my mind, no ugly sight my eyes.

But slumber hold me tightly till I waken in the dawn,
And hear the thrushes singing in the lilacs round the lawn.

Author Robert Louis Stevenson
My Paintings


When the trees their summer splendor
Change to raiment red and gold,
When the summer moon turns mellow,
And the nights are getting cold;
When the squirrels hide their acorns,
And the woodchucks disappear;
Then we know that it is autumn,
Loveliest season of the year. 

Charlotte L. Riser

October Eastern Gray Squirrel in Redbud Tree is a painting by Susan A Walton which was uploaded on September 29th, 2011. This is a painting of a pause in the action of a working squirrel’s life. It is clinging to a redbud tree, a small tree common in the Midwest and… more 

My Paintings

September and October

The September days can get very hot
Turn on the air conditioner, then it's not
By late afternoon you are cold again
Turn off the air and let evening set it

The very next day you wake up to a chill
Is that really frost on your windowsill
Get out the sweaters and turn up the heat
The days to come this activity we'll repeat

We are just now entering the first of November
Much talk of a heat wave, so try to remember
Weather change happens so don't lose your cool
Predicting the weather makes a smart man a fool

Author Eileen Clark

My Paintings

The Old Rusty Bucket

On the dirt road there I stood looking at our old faded barn

Barely standing, the roof caved in, it still had a bit of charm

As I gazed at this image I could hear the children’s laughter

I swear it was coming from inside, high up in the rafters


Suddenly the memory noises got quiet in my head

And one very familiar sound took there place instead

Not far from the barn stood this splintered gray post 

A spigot wrapped with wire barely noticeable to most


The sound was dripping water in an old rusty bucket

So many times my brother and I would have to truck it 

At least four trips a day back and forth to our farm house

Arriving with it half empty and we both would be doused


Author Eileen Clark  2022


My Paintings

Mommy’s Hats

Mommy’s hats are fun to put on because she is so pretty

 And when I put one on I tend to get a little bit giddy

Because I look so grown up and somewhat resemble her

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, I’m really not too sure


Right now I look like my dad, that’s what most folks say

But dad say’s not to worry, you keep changing every day

So listen up, I’m not saying this just out of fatherly duty

Even right now without those silly hats, your a real cutie

Author Eileen Clark 2022

Image: This beautiful painting can be found at https://picclick. com/Popular/pati-bannister-prints

My Paintings

The Monarch Butterfly 

A caterpillar that is a bright striped yellow and black

With antenna on both ends, the front and the back

 Eating milkweed makes them taste bad to predators

Therefore it keeps away other bug eating competitors


This effort helps the Monarchs live to become adults

Otherwise NO Monarchs on the earth would be the results

The facts show the adult butterfly lives for only a few weeks

So warmer climate is what this delicate butterfly seeks


 Conservation experts years of studying them now think

 If mankind doesn’t want the Monarch to become extinct       

Our old ways of doing things no doubt can be rearranged

To make big efforts towards the progress of climate change


Author Eileen Clark 2022

Image at the top from Pinterest

My butterfly bush attracts lots of Monarch butterflies every summer. You might consider planting one in your yard, they are hardy and easy to care for.

My Paintings

Make October Last
Fall is the most beautiful time of the year
The October air is crisp and remarkably clear 
Perfect for long walks on dirt country roads
Easing your mind from troublesome loads

Someone raked up a huge pile of leaves
Right in there front yard, what a big tease
I would gladly jump in if someone insists
Even an adult would find it hard to resist

I try to spend some time outside every single day
One windy night could blow all the leaves away
If I had my druthers I would fill my life with cheer
By making October be the twelve months in a year

Author Eileen Clark 2022


My Paintings

I Dreamed I Was Dancing

I dreamed I was dancing in the dark

Not on stage but in a beautiful park

No one watching but a few white birds 

They’ll not tell, they don’t tweet words


I was wearing a pretty fluffy white dress

With five or six petticoats more or less

They made a rustling swishing sorta sound

When I jumped up and down up and down


I saw an awesome thing when I awoke from sleep

White feathers covering my entire floor knee deep

It was an amazing dream that I often want to repeat

For I can’t dance right now, a wheelchair I use for feet

Author Eileen Clark

Image: by ~

My Paintings

Back To School

I really do love the month of September                                           Of course along with that I also remember                                       This is when we all go back to our schools                                    To learn lots of stuff and obey the rules

I‘m not the smartest one in my class                                            I try to get good enough marks to pass                                             But one sure thing I will never regret                                                I always managed to be the teachers pet

Author Eileen Clark 2022


My Paintings

Potted Flowers

Summers finally at it’s hot and humid end

This year’s not been much of a gardeners friend

Taking so much time to fill several of my large pots

With a verity of organic seeds, spending quite a lot


 I prepared well using the right mixtures of loam

Was looking forward to see many colors in bloom

With a watering can, I used exactly the right spray

 Matters not, it’s so dry, things are wasting away


All that came up was pathetic skinny sprouts

Using a catalog to order I should have had doubts

Flower images looked great on the side of the pack

Now I think it’s time I should get all my money back


In my minds eye I see lovely flowers along my deck

In the yellow pages all the nurseries I should check

Or better yet I really need to talk to my friend Jake

Well he gave me the best advice, all his flowers are fake!

Author Eileen Clark 2022


My Paintings

Happy Moon

I was kinda sad and low when I went to bed
Unhappy feelings swirling round in my head
Mama said I would feel much better tomorrow
A new day often seems to wash away any sorrow

I sure  don't know how that can possibly be
My best friend is really really mad with me
We had a terrible fight over such a silly thing
She even threw at me our friendship ring

I turned out the light and climbed into my bed
I need to tell her I'm sorry, words not easily said
As soon as I made that decision my heart felt free
And even the moon outside was smiling down at me

Author Eileen Clark 2022

Image: From Google UK – unknown artist or try~

My Paintings


I never completed a thing as a child

It dove my mother a little nuts, a bit wild

No big deal, It’s just not me or my style

Leave me alone to be a kid for awhile


I never completed a thing when I was in my teens

I was way to busy being a rock star in my dreams

Started to paint, next it was pottery, then tried to knit

Quit my art, broke my molds, lost my needles, mom’s

having a fit


Tried collage, hair stylist, cooking classes, never 


What a plight, loosing site, the true meaning life 

has diminished

Mom is older, lines on face from worry and crying

Now I’m married, mom I promise, I will keep trying


Here I am several months later and I’m expecting

Mama says, with this task there’ll be no rejecting

Each passing month I longed for this baby to meet

At last, I feel so accomplished, content, and complete

Author Eileen Clark


My Paintings

My Kitty And Me

My kitty’s name is Simply Sweet
My Daddy found her on the street
She was so skinny, shivering and cold
Guess she was only a couple of weeks old

She hid in the pocket of my Daddy’s big coat
Poked her head up, a meow slipped outta her throat
I knew right then she’d be my best friend
For always and ever, till the very end

I’m all grown up now, I’m almost three
Mommy say’s big enough to take care kitty
I’m an only child but not alone anymore
Kitty and me share toys, my bed, and
milk on the floor

Author Eileen Clark~ 2012

Beautiful image ~

My Paintings

My Freckles

Please don't laugh when you look at me                                                               I'm not a happy kid as you well can see                                                             What you notice first, my face is freckled                                                       Because of so many, I often get heckled

My dad has none and my mom has but two                                                          My older brother and sister have just a few                                                         They didn't bother me, didn't make me blue                                                           While I was little the freckles stayed little too

Then as I started to grow one could plainly see                                                 These freckles were starting to take over all of me                                                 My brother was encouraging and always steadfast                                             Assuring me that soon enough this will all pass

As you can see little brother my freckles disappeared                                            You'll grow up handsome like me, so there's nothing to fear                               Because your still so young, all of this may sound a bit weird 

But if you still have freckles when your a man, 
just grow a beard

Author Eileen Clark  2022


My Paintings

Human Flowers

Have you thought at times that mankind is a little creepy

Spending too much time taking naps because there sleepy

Do you believe that there imagination has lost it’s powers

Quality time and creativity being wasted for too many hours

Then think again and look very closely at these human flowers

Author Eileen Clark


My Paintings

Grandma’s Porch

Grandma’s porch

Makes me want to be there

Sitting in the rocking chair

The smell of apple pie in the air

Little granddaughter with her teddy bear

Sitting in the other chair

The smells of Autumn everywhere

Makes me want to be there

Grandma is no longer in her chair

The rocking chair is no longer there

One thing I have and of it I take good care

Is a box in my closet that holds the teddy bear

Author Eileen Clark

My Paintings

My Big Mistake

What did I do to you now, did I do something wrong
I'm going to get through this and try to be strong 
I had a feeling this was coming, expected the worst
I tried to be prepared, all my words so well rehearsed

To my complete surprise the rejection came in a letter
This persons is a coward, I thought I knew them better
I'm not getting a chance to ask the hundred questions
Many friends are overloading me with their suggestions

I thought foolishly that you were really mine
That you felt the same and we were totally fine
I read further down and realized I'm the real fool
That you believe dating others is absolutely cool

Seems I'm the only one that's experiencing a broken heart
Looks like I'm proving to be a person not very smart
Moving on with my life, these sad feelings I can shake
Accepting the fact that this was indeed my big mistake

Author  Eileen Clark 


My Paintings

Bear Befriends Bees

I try to make friends with so many of the forest bees

Hoping they won’t sting me when I climb their trees 

I do get a bit nervous when they start circling my head

They should know by now I give them nothing to dread


I’m not sharing any of my collected bees honey

And I’m not gathering it either to make money

I’m storing it for when we’re deep into winter

It’s wise to plan ahead so I’ll always have dinner


What I am wondering is where do my busy bee friends go

When trees have no leaves and the grounds covered with snow

They tell me they stick closely together in their insulated hive

And I gave out a roar when they said they eat honey to survive

Author Eileen Clark 2022


My Paintings

Listening Lion

The sun is setting making the land a yellowish gold  

 A lion blending in with the fields and strikingly bold

Lifts his head up sniffing and listening for signs of prey

A tasty meal would be just perfect at the end of his day

Author Eileen Clark  2022

Beautiful Lion Image;

My Paintings

The Old Arm Chair

I LOVE it, I love it! and who shall dare
To chide me for loving that old arm-chair?
I ’ve treasured it long as a sainted prize,

I ’ve bedewed it with tears, I ’ve embalmed it with sighs.
’T is bound by a thousand bands to my heart;
Not a tie will break, not a link will start;

Would you know the spell?—a mother sat there!
And a sacred thing is that old arm-chair.

Eliza Cook 1818–1889

My mom had a big chair like this and both my brothers and I sat in it with her while she read to us.

More ~

My Paintings

Behind The Tree In The Woods

The Leaf Makers

My daughter has the book that the tree picture is in, quite old it is. The set was given to me and my two brothers on Christmas morning in 1939. I was born on December 9, 1939.​ Many years I had sat on my bed staring at this beautiful tree with the little houses wanting so badly to have my body shrink down to the size of a pixie and climb those little stairs up into the houses. I thought if I stared long enough and hard enough I could do it. Keep in mind we had no TV’s, video games or iPads, just books and lots of imagination. The page has a slight tan color and a tare here and there. I suggested to my daughter that there might be a way to preserve certain pages in the book because of viewing it over and over and over. I am done with it now because I have the picture and a poem I wrote about that tree preserved on my website and my heart.

Author Eileen Clark 2022

Image: “The Leaf Makers” Our Wonder World, by Geo. L. Shuman & Co., Volume 5, the children’s story book.

My Paintings

A Tree In The Woods

Not far from my house there's a street we never go down
I know mama has driven on most streets in our small town
When we go by this one a cheeky smile comes onto her face
Asking her why the smile, I don't get an answer to embrace

Older now I hear stories about that tree in this wooded lot
Of how an old man hoisted a ladder high up to the trees top                                          He carved out a few little house even one stuck out on a limb
I went there to see for myself, was it an old crazy man's whim

Tell me Mom about that tree, what lovely secrets do you hold
Promise me son what I say, no one else should ever be told
Late one night I drove to that tree, for reasons I don't know
I heard giggles coming from it and soft lights in every window

Author Eileen Clark 2022

Image: Tree in The Woods “Our Wonder World”, by Geo. L. Shuman & Co., Volume 5, the children’s story book.

My Paintings

Instant Iced Coffee

Why Does It Always Have To Be Ice Tea? Variations to Instant Ice Coffee for the hot and muggy weather.

Making iced coffee with instant coffee can save you quite a bit of money and time. The process is incredibly easy and the results are surprisingly tasty!

your going to love this site ~

My Paintings

No Trespassing

My friend Joey and me were hanging out in his yard                                               Had nothing to do though we were thinking real hard
Nearing end of August we were sweating from the heat
Joey gives out a shout, I got an idea that's really neat

We could go to the corner ice cream and candy store
Got no money to spend, we'll get thrown out the door
We can go swimming at the junior high's indoor pool
A locked gate, no lifeguard on duty, no way to be cool

Our last plan brought us to our towns roadside stream
A No Trespassing sign nailed to a tree can be easily seen
When Joie and I are striped down to are swimming trunks 
Up pulls officer Kelly's cruiser, oh brother we are sunk

Driving me home I thought my dad was quite upset
I did something for a long time he might not forget
But he smiled at me and said we're on the same page
I got caught swimming there too when I was your age.

Author Eileen Clark 2022

Image :

My Paintings

An Elephant Walking In Wildflowers

 I try to walk very gently through a field filled with wildflowers
Not crushing them under my feet takes a short walk many hours
On hot days I flap my ears over them to give out a slight breeze
If not for me they would dry up for this field doesn’t have trees

Lots of bees and butterflies continually dance around my head
Getting stung or one flying up my trunk is a thing I daily dread
I am blessed with having such freedom and plenty of space to roam
Concrete floors and iron bars is sadly what some elephants call home

Author Eileen Clark

Please check out this artist website to enjoy beautiful paintings

Image:​https: //

My Paintings

The Clock

I heard my Mother say last night
The clock is running fast
This puzzled me cause there it stood
Just where I'd seen it last
She also said "it broke a hand
in falling on it's face"
This puzzled me still more because
It didn't show a trace
Of hand or foot or anything
Alive that I could see
The things my Mother says at times
Are odd as odd could be

Author Vere Dargan

One of my favorite poems in the books my mom read from to my two brothers and me. The New Wonder World 1939

My Paintings

The Dandelion

Dandelion, to a gardener no word could be worse
From a man's lips it's often combined with a curse 
The neighbor smirks as he looks over your fence
Lotta good it did what with the money you spent

They pop up by the thousands in the middle of the night
Right after you mowed all day, it just doesn't seem right
Along busy highways standing fearless strong and tall
Out of cement sidewalks, tar roads and brick walls

And yet if you should pick one and study it for a bit
Beyond the word Dandelion you'd have a better fit
I tell you for certain, what will take your breath away
Is when your child hands you a dandelion bouquet

Author Eileen Clark

My Paintings

The Chocolate Baker

The Chocolate Baker is a lady of stature so grand

She bakes the best cookies and cakes over the lands

Other bakers dishes are tasteless and utterly bland

Sensationally goodness are the works from her hands


Miraculous wonders from her oven every day appear

Close to my palate her talents have become very dear

Cakes, brownies, fudge puddings and chocolate pies

Scrumptious delectable aromas bring tears to my eyes


As Chocolate is a part of my menu almost every day

Living near the bakery would be a wise choice I’d say

So a house I found with a little effort and a little labor

Now the Chocolate Baker, a grand lady is my neighbor

Author Eileen Clark  

This poem was written because of my love for chocolate, so much so that I have a website called The Chocolate Baker.


My Paintings

Green Thumb

You remember I wrote a poem for my granddaughter called “Apple Pie And Grammy,” well my granddaughter just wrote a poem for me called, “Green Thumb” and I want to share it with you today.

My Grammy taught me many things, From interior design to growing things. Full of energy I couldn’t sit still, She gave me work ethic, a valuable skill.

She’d wheel around, shouting orders from her throne, Our back yard looked like a flower shop for our home. On rainy days she hurt too much to leave the bed, So we watched movies cuddled up instead.

From cooking and baking I was critiqued, Eating at least one bite just to please me. Oh how I miss those days, though I’ll never forget; The growing love between my Grammy, my friend.

By Taylor Grzyb – 2022

My granddaughter Taylor

Green Thumb Image:

My Paintings

The Old Locomotive

I hear the train whistle blowing as it's coming around
Feeling so much excitement my heart begins to pound
Another train is moving slowly on a nearby rail track
One that is even bigger and has a larger smokestack

I blocked my ears at the high pitched screeching sound
Watching how the big spoked wheels begin to slow down
Mom's now holding my hand tight standing so close to the rails
My ticket is crumpled and a bit torn from my dug in fingernails

Gray and white puffy clouds rising from the giant smokestack
Flowing over the couches and box cars, all the way to the back
Hot steam spews out a hissing sound as the engine comes to a stop
This is the grandest of all days, on my list it's placed at the top

Standing by the door a smiling conductor calls out to us, all abroad!
The excitement burst out of my body, up till now it has been stored
A window seat is always the best, watching cows and barns flying by
In the aisle a conductor is calling, popcorn, peanuts, and apple pie

Through the big glass window I see us climbing over high mountains 
Over bridges, through dark tunnels and cities with big water fountains
Speedily passing golden meadows, fields of corn and apple orchards
Places I have not seen before I can pretend to be an explorer

I wonder about all the travelers in the coaches that follow behind me
Box cars are connected carrying cows, luggage, and crates of exotic tea
Those trains are gone, my littleness is gone, and if I could have my way
I would learn to be a conductor and be paid to ride the train every day

Author Eileen Clark

Beautiful Train Picture

My Paintings

The Dresser Drawer

An ordinary room that hides a sad secret
Only she knows where she has to keep it
Sitting against the wall in her spare room
In the third drawer holds  yesterday’s gloom

So long ago from her past are the letters
One would hope that time would make it better
Not so, for the drawer has been locked from the start
Holding the sadness that’s still locked in her heart

Open the bedroom door, open the dresser drawer
Open the window and let the new light in
Fear no more tomorrows, fear no more sorrows
Tear up the memories that tied you to him

Make new wishes, let light come through your door
Tie a bright ribbon around a love that last forever more
Look in the mirror and see a new life like never before
Make vanish the secrets hidden in that old dresser drawer

Author Eileen


My Paintings

Da Leetla Boy

Da spreeng ees com’ but oh, da joy
Eet ees too late !
He was so cold, my leetla boy,
He no could wait.

I no can count how manny week,
How manny day, dat he ees seeck,
how manny night I seet an’ hold
da leetla hand dat was so cold.

He was so patience,oh, so sweet.
Eet hurts my throat to theenk of eet:
An all he evra ask ees w’en
Is gona com’ da spreeng agen.

Wan day, wan brighta sunny day,
He see across da alleyway,
Da leetla girl dat’s liven’ dere
Ees raise her window for da air,
And put outside a leetla pot
of w’at you call?-forget-me-not.

So smalla flower, so leetla theeng!
But steel eet mak’ hees hearta seeng.
“Oh, now, at las’,ees com’ da spreeng!
Da leetla plant ees glad for know,

Da sun ees com’ for mak’ eet grow.
So too, I am grow warm and strong.
So lika dat he seeng hees song.

But, ah, da night com’ down an den,
Da winter ees sneak back agen,
An in da alley, all da night
Eees fall da snow, so cold, so white.

An’ cover up da leetla pot
Of w’at you call ? for-get-me-not.
All night da leetla hand I hold.

Eees grow so cold, so cold, so cold !
Da spreeng ees come, but oh, da joy,
Eet ees too late!
He was so cold, my leetla boy,
He no could wait.

by Thomas Augustine Daly

Thomas Augustine Daly was an Irish-American poet who is more commonly referred to as T A Daly. He was a very popular writer, mainly poetry, but he had many articles published in newspapers and magazines. He also made a good living on the lecturing and after-dinner speaking circuit where he would often recite his own poetry to appreciative audiences. His style was mostly humorous and he wrote in a curious mixture of mock Italian-American and Irish-American dialect.

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 My mom read this often to my brothers and me and every time it made me cry.  The image and poem was in this book

The New Wonder World 1939 ~ The Child In The Home

My Paintings

Bought a Dog

Bought a dog a year ago,
Thought id’ be some company ya know.
Needed some noise and scuttle in the home,
Wife’s been gone and I’m so alone.

Thinking bout the trouble I’m in for,
Cleaning up the messes on the floor.
Feeding n’ grooming, worming n’ shots
Costing me more then I even gots.

It’s been a year now and trouble he be,
But I got more then that, I got loyalty.
I got a friend now tried and true,
Got all that when I bought Billy Blue.

Author Eileen Clark