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Fear in The Moonlight

The night is cloudy and dark with a slight summer breeze, A shimmer of moon peeking through the branches of trees. I hear another’s footsteps in the distance from behind, Hopefully the owner is a person that’s very kind. As I continue to walk faster, a pounding in my heart, The moon gets brighter as… Continue reading Fear in The Moonlight

My Poems

I Look Out The Window

My Missy goes out the door every day,All alone and lonely here I stay.She leaves me food water and toys to play,Even so she’s gone and my days are gray.*Where we live their is no yard with grass,No fields of hay, or lakes with Bass.Only buildings with brick and windows of glass.The days are long… Continue reading I Look Out The Window

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Do You Remember ?

Little children playing hopscotch, outdoors I'm one of those that was a teenager in the fifties, The only word to use is, life back then was nifty. It's hard for me to say this about life as it is today, You older ones will understand, it's in complete decay. My dresses were all homemade and… Continue reading Do You Remember ?


Best Ice Tea!

You’ve come to the right place.  I’m going to show you How to Make Iced Coffee. Watch the video showing you How to Make Iced Coffee, then scroll to the bottom of this post so you can print out the recipe and make it at home, have fun!


4 Healthy Iced Tea Recipes For Summer

One of the best ways to keep healthy and help your body is running efficiently is to make sure you are drinking enough water during the day. One tasty way to increase the amount of water you’re drinking is to make healthy iced tea.

My Poems

My Little Old Cat

Thing’s look bad around this old world, Nothin like when I was a little girl. Had no problems, just a little brat, Playing around with my little ol cat. Go to the store and find a kite making kit,                        Or maybe some jacks and… Continue reading My Little Old Cat

My Poems

My Little Sweet Pea

That's what she is a little flower to me,*A tulip, a rose, daisy or even sweet pea.*Fragrant soft ringlets make up her hair,* Must be why butterflies flutter round there. *She runs through wet grass in her bare feet, *Red birds and blue birds to her they greet. *This beautiful sight I bury in heart and head,*… Continue reading My Little Sweet Pea

My Poems ~ Others poems


A wistful note from out the sky,“Pure, pure, pure,” in plaintive tone,As if the wand’rer were alone,And hardly knew to sing or cry.But now a flash of eager wing,Flitting, twinkling by the wall,And pleading sweet and am’rous call,–Ah, now I know his heart doth sing!O bluebird, welcome back again,Thy azure coat and ruddy vestAre hues… Continue reading THE BLUEBIRD

My Poems

My Wheelchair

I don't like my wheelchair every day I don't like my wheelchair in any way Every morning when I get up and prayLord all thoughts, may they not go astrayI struggle and strive with my daily tasks My family and friends sincerely will ask How do you manage to keep up at this pace Handling frustrations with honor and graceI don't like my wheelchair, yes that I did sayI long to take… Continue reading My Wheelchair