My Paintings and Others

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The Front Porch ~ By Eileen


Tea Time ~ By Eileen


Wolfs by The Moon ~ By Eileen


Kitty Silhouettes ~ By Eileen


No School Today ~ By Eileen


Arthritis ( Self Portrait ) ~ By Eileen


By Eileen ~ Painting I did on my granddaughters bedroom wall.


Winter Harbor by Eileen


by Eileen


by Eileen


by Eileen

paintings (4)

by Eileen


by Eileen


                                              The Dragonfly~ by Eileen
                                              The Lighthouse ~ by Eileen


                                     African Eclipse ~ by Eileen


Surf Boards ~ by Eileen


11-5-2011 2;54;12 PM

The Potting Shed ~ by Eileen

The Skaters ~ by Eileen

                                                                            Misty Morning ~ by Eileen

4 thoughts on “My Paintings and Others”

  1. Jean Tompkins said:

    Eileen you are like fine wine your work only gets better with time love your work and still enjoy the ones I have thank you so much. take care

    • Hello Shelley, thanks for the complement about my paintings. I can’t paint anymore because of my hands, but I still would like to eek out two more for a couple of sisters in my hall. Most of them have at least one. The paint brush just drops out of my hand now because I can’t grasp on to it and I’ve ruined a few paintings that
      were just about finished….brought me to tears 🙂
      How are you doing these day’s?
      I can’t leave you messages on your Facebook page.??

  2. Eileen that makes me sad. Your work is so beautiful. I know the feeling of just not having the ability to move my hand 😦
    big hugs

    • Thank you for the very nice compliment moondustwriter. I still can do container gardening on my deck and write and my blogs keep me busy. I have several of them.And I do preaching activity by letter writing, so I’m good. Right now I’m having trouble with my blog….home page got messed up and I’m trying to fix it .Tell me about your hand if you don’t mind.

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