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My Autumn Cat

My Dixie cat is so very much fun, I bring her out often for her daily run. She mostly likes the big Maple trees, With their many red and orange leaves. One red leaf dropped on her head, And slowly slipped down her nose. Her yellow eyes only saw bright red, She brushed it away with… Continue reading My Autumn Cat

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Lobster Claws

My hands are like lobster claws Just one of my latest flaws I can't pick up, hold onto, or grab That's why I've become such a crab Because of the things I use to do I tell my oldest daughter, Like the ocean color I'm feeling blue. I now am a fish out of water.… Continue reading Lobster Claws

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My Cats in The Rain

My cats in the rain,  Sitting on the step.  I open the door.  She’ll come in I bet. My cats in the rain,  Out in the street.  She needs to come in,   I’ll give her a treat. My cats in the rain,  Her fur is all wet,  She’s starting to sneeze,  Now I’ll worry and fret.… Continue reading My Cats in The Rain

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My New Kitty

My kitty was very quiet for the first few days,  It made me sad so I gave her lots of praise.  I gave her luscious snacks and many many treats,  So sure I was she'd have a disposition very sweet. Next morning from another room came a weird sound,  Before I was nearly awake my… Continue reading My New Kitty

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Fall is Here

Fall is here once again Only I can remember when You and I walked many hours Through the leaves feeling loves powers Far beyond this quiet man The colder feelings now began Not just leaves turning red and gold Your love is turning crisp and cold Fall is here once again Was my favorite season,… Continue reading Fall is Here

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I never completed a thing as a child. It dove my mother a little nuts, a bit wild. No big deal, It's just not me or my style. Leave me alone to be a kid for awhile.I never completed a thing when I was in my teens. I was way to busy being a rock… Continue reading Complete

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Ask For Little

Ask for less give more. Ask for little and be content when you receive little.Expect small amounts, be filled with great joy at receiving big amounts.Bring a baked meal when a friend is sick. Now and then check in on your neighbors well being even if you don't like each other.Offer your time or money… Continue reading Ask For Little

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Last Wishes

I want to walk down a gravel roadHear stones crunching under my feet.On one side Daisies and Black-eyed Susan'sOn the other side a field of swaying wheat. I want to sit at an old picnic table,Near a lake, in the woods, under trees.That shouldn't be asking for too much,There was a time when I did… Continue reading Last Wishes

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Kitten In The Window

Kitten in the window watching the rainWishing to go out and run in the wet grasslistening to the water run down the drainTrying to lick the rain drops off of the glassEileen Clark~*~Image:

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Fear in The Moonlight

The night is cloudy and dark with a slight summer breeze, A shimmer of moon peeking through the branches of trees. I hear another’s footsteps in the distance from behind, Hopefully the owner is a person that’s very kind. As I continue to walk faster, a pounding in my heart, The moon gets brighter as… Continue reading Fear in The Moonlight