My Poems

The Dazzling Hummingbirds

Tell me why the Hummingbird holds such a fascination,

Watching them out the window is my full time occupation.

They don’t wake me in the morning with a beautiful song,

Pictures I can’t take because they don’t stay still very long.


Yet early spring I’m eager to hang up my bird feeder,

Watching for the first male that is called their leader.

They are very hungry from their long migration journey,

Knowing nectar is always here concerned they will not be.


The dazzling ruby throated is incredible to see,

Thousands from the tropics land in every county.

Making a constant hum I never hear their tune,

All of my summer days for certain they will consume.

Author Eileen Clark 2022

My Poems

My April Cat

It’s been a long cold winter,

Inside this house I sat.

I’m told that’s what cats do,

Sit around and get fat.

I want to go  out now and run,

But every day there is no sun,

I hear Missy say April showers,

Will bring butterflies and flowers.

I know the time will be here soon,

I remember chasing stuff  last June.

And next to follow is mid summer,

Using the litter box has been a bummer.

by Eileen Clark  April 2022


My Poems

The Cat in The Mist

The evening sky’s darken, falling slowly to the ground,
Soft mist is filling the air with a whispering sound.
A dim light from a lamp post exposes something down below,
It’s a sleek black cat with a shiny coat moving very slow.

I’ve never seen the likes of it, a smooth sophisticated stroll,
Gazing upon him I question myself, is he’s tired hungry or cold.
I watch this silent creature move down the cool wet street,
I wonder if there is a home, a someone waiting for him to greet.

Perhaps he lives in the city with a  pack of other cats,
Or possibly  he’s a loner and stays near the railroad tracts.
If I knew for certain that this little guy lived all alone,
There would be no hesitation for me to take him home.

Author: Eileen Clark


My Poems

Open The Window

Open windows, clear out winters graying dust,

Let in Spring, green fresh air is a must.

Breezes blowing the curtains to a happy sound,

White picket fences stroll along the ground.

Shaded houses under big old oak trees,

Life is good, thank Jehovah on bended knees.

by Eileen Clark

Image:Found on Pinterest

My Poems

A Cowboys Loves

The freeze seeping through my jacket and gloves, ​

Brings little this early morning any rancher loves.

It should make me go back down the road to my bunk,

Tell ya what keeps me in this saddle squarely sunk.

The rising steam of hot coffee​ warming up my face,

And the breath of a hundred Herefords filling my space​

.by Eileen Clark  ~ 2022


Artist: Don Marco

My Poems

Why Red

Red bloodshot in his eyes
Drinking too much red wine
Wife peering through the blinds
While he stumbles into the vines

Red roses were sent to me
No card or note that I can see
Who sent them I’ll have to find
Or else I’ll go out of my mind

Clown cycling with a big red nose
Children laughing sitting in rows
Outstanding trainer with just a tap
Gets elephant dancing wearing a cap

Red is a favorite color of mine
Not just because I can make it rhyme
You’ll never guess, I ask to dare
It’s cause my boyfriend has red hair!

Eileen Clark

Image: & Pinterest

My Poems

Grandpa’s Gardens

Grandpa walked around his back yard holding onto me
It was in the suburbs surrounded by houses I could not see 
His fences were shrubs that grew very tall around the yard
They grew so thick it kept all our neighbors from us bared

People I could hear walking and talking but I could never see
Staying very still and quiet on my side they never got to see me
Flower beds were laced with every kind of colorful  blumes
In the house vases with beautiful flowers set in all the rooms

Tall standing pink Tulips and deep red roses were his pride 
They had grown up to my waist when we stood side by side
One day when I wanted  to get a scent of his luscious bluebell
A spider was sitting on it and the whole world heard me yell

Gramps had two sons and another child there would not be
Mother and daddy also had two sons and then along came me
Summer weekends at my grandparents house I spent all alone
Because I was the only girl, that could be what had set the tone

Pleasant memories of gramps yard will always stick with me
Many reasons that I have especially for the spider and one tree
In the center of this landscape stood a large Weeping Willow
It was my hiding place a bed of grass and moss for my pillow 

by Eileen Clark 2021

My Poems

Morning Glories

Morning glories are the easiest flowers to grow

Sometimes they show up when you didn’t even sow

Men never take notice when the yard they mow 

Cutting off all of them and they didn’t even know

They ask you for nothing needing very little care

Every morning you can count on them being there

On your fence, lattice work or crawling up your stare

Looking like a trumpet sounding off a purple blair

Smile on your face be it coffee or some credit they will share

Up this fine morning before you brushed your teeth and hair

Giving off bright colors some purple and some light blue

Sit and enjoy them for they will close up right in front of you

I think I’ll build myself a long white picket fence

Plant  purple morning glories, well worth the expense

I will be the envy throughout the neighborhood

Seeing them every morning will  make me feel good

by Eileen Clark 2021


My Poems

Nantucket Birds

It’s gray cloudy and blustery on this November day 

Brown tattered leaves blowing every which way

Little birds are flying among the crusty leaves

Not sure watch is which my eyes tend to deceive

 I will stay and I’ll watch so I can tell them apart

Those landing on the feeder would be a good start

The feeder is plenty filled and standing very tall

A large variety of  seeds, I think I bought them all 

I live on the now cold shores of old Nantucket

The blend of feed I make in a big steel bucket

So many homes are empty at this time of year

Our little feathered friends find less food I fear

I make the blend with berries milo and sunflower seeds

The bucket holds enough for this whole winters needs

Quickly on the feeder three or four birds zoom in to dine

Once they have found me they’ll be back all the time

I look  forward to seeing them in the early spring

Outside my kitchen window I will hear them sing

Looking plump and healthy is so pleasing to my eyes

Knowing the time I took making this blend was wise

From past years the birds know these trees are the best

On the very strong branches they will build their nest

Mothers tell the youngins, your twiggy legs I would not pull

Starting in October always with the best this feeder will be full

by Eileen Clark


My Poems

Country Pictures

Do pictures of cows and barns remind you of a simpler time?
Do you ever wish that you could travel a ways back,
Back to the hazy country corners of your mind?
Memories of goodness and happiness may you never lack.

Are you longing in your heart for the good old days,
Walking through fields where the Jersey cows graze?
In your minds eye do you see the old red farm?
Linger their a little longer, it can do you no harm.

Ladies sitting at the table in a bright yellow kitchen,
Coffee chicken and apple pie aromas filling the room.
Men in the parlor, manly conversations they are pitching,
Children playing marbles while lots of candy they consume.

Oh these pictures can bring you back, in your mind they are instilled,
To a time when your pantry was stocked and baskets always filled,
Under your roof was an abundance of love and very little strife,
Where Gods embers of warmth and glory filled every part of your life.

Eileen Clark

Images: Found on Pinterest