My Poems

My Little Girl

My Little Girl has an infection in one of her eyes. It’s red all around the eye and watery and she struggles to keep it open which tells me it might be quite sore, my heart hurts to see her suffering. She has been to the vet, got a shot and is given eye drops twice a day. Two days have passed and the eye looks much better. I wrote her a poem about the actual events.

My Little Girl is a very old and sweet cat                                                                                                                           Unlike her sister Dixie who is a total brat                                                                                                                                When LG walks by, Dixie gives her a swipe                                                                                                                             It happens daily yet LG never does gripe

Dixie walks around with a strut in her step                                                                                                                        Little Girl waddles and has lost all her pep                                                                                                                                  This morning she woke up with a red eye                                                                                                                                       It looked so awfully bad that I begin to cry

It's under control now with meds from our vet Dixie's bad behavior she hopes we might forget She walked up to Little Girl and sniffed her face Then lowering her head closer as if to embrace

Author Eileen Clark 2022