I never completed a thing as a child,

It drove my mother a little nuts, a bit wild.

No big deal, It’s just not me or my style,

Leave me alone to be a kid for awhile.


I never completed a thing when I was in my teens,

I was way to busy being a rock star in my dreams.

Started to paint, next it was pottery, then tried to knit,

Quit my art, broke my molds, lost my needles, mom’s

having a fit.


Tried collage, hair stylist, cooking classes, never 


What a plight, loosing site, the true meaning of my life 

has diminished.

Mom is older, lines on face from worry and crying,

Now I’m married, mom I promise, I will keep trying.


Here I am several months later and I’m expecting,

Mama says, with this task there’ll be no rejecting.

Each passing month I longed for this baby to meet,

At last, I feel so accomplished, content, and complete.


Eileen 2014


I Never Saw Kittens Before

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My life was so busy with work and family
Children and pets, shopping and play
Cleaning, and doing work for the manly
Not a free moment, not for me any day
My children had many pets over the years
Pigs and a pony, ducks and chickens
Little dogs, big dogs, a rabbit with floppy ears
Cats and kittens, some with paws like mittens
Now I’m old and retired and living alone
It’s so quiet and lonely, just me in my home
So I’ll get a cat, or a kitten might better do
It won’t be exciting, but least there’ll be two
Oh, what I’ve been missing, it’s amazing to me
So much fun, so much laughter, so much energy
And then the quiet moments, curled up in a ball
On the couch, the bed, my slippers left in the hall
I marvel and wonder upon this little creature
As she sleeps I gaze upon her every feature
Little pink pads on the bottom of her paws
And a tiny pink nose, I believe she has no flaws
The most magic moments are at night when in bed
Her warm little body lying cross the top of my head
The soft sound of purring tells of no fear ever to be
Oh, what I’ve been missing, it’s amazing to me
Eileen “2001
Image: Found on Pinterest

The Grand Creator

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~ The Grand Creator ~

If you ever wonder, ever doubt,

What this big world is all about.

If you question life, if you  really need to know,

When the morning sun streams through your window,

And you catch your breath at the glow of your child.

Laughing and hugging the softest sweetest baby kitten,

The answers can be found, you know where it is written.

Just sit very still and watch everything that is great get even greater,

Then you just have to know the answer is….we do have a Grand Creator!

Poem; Eileen Clark 2018

Image: Pinterest

White Linen

White Linen

Linen,the smell of fresh crisp clean white linen.
You can not capture the smell of linen in a bottle though
they try.
When I think of linen,with a bitter sweet sigh,
I think of my childhood memories of good times gone by.
Napkins and candles and tablecloths,white with white design,
Ready for Sunday dinner with aunts and uncles and cousins
and grandparents so fine.
Pot roast,and chicken,mashed potatoes and strawberry Rhubarb
Linen fresh clean memories,happy times gone by.
Life was livable and children were sweet and quiet and shy.
Streets filled with bicycles and roller skates, marbles and
jacks and kites in the sky.
Air filled with sounds of horns and whistles,a baseball cracking
off the tip of a bat.
The shouts of children with laughter and glee, wonderment of all
Running after the ice cream truck with a ringing bell,
Cones and Eskimo pies,and pop cycles as well.
Little girls secrets from boys they’ll never tell.
Linen,crisp linen,good memories,and oh such a fresh smell.
The front yards had white picket fences and trellises with
climbing Tea Roses,
Bachelor Buttons, Daisies and Hollyhocks, sweet aromas filled
our noses.
Pansies and Tulips, hear the soft sounds of humming bees.
The back yards had bird houses posted to Willow, Oak,and Maple
Robins and Blue birds on branches hidden amongst the leaves.
And always clothes lines and clothes pins gripping white linen
sheets waving in the breeze.
Crisp white clean linens against the blue sky.
So many memories of good times gone by.

Eileen “2011”