My Poems

The Black Iron Gate

In this quite garden alone I do sit                                                                           Hoping friends will drop by for a visit                                                                               Warmth from the sun, softness of breeze                                                                          The squeak of my gate would surely please

Seedlings floating by brushing my cheek                                                                           A near perfect day but for one thing I seek                                                                       Wanting to hear a squeak from my iron gate                                                                      Hearing someone say, I'm so sorry we're late

I try very hard to keep a smile on my face                                                                            In my minds eye I can go almost any place                                                                     Climbing mountains, wading through brooks                                                                           My adventures come from reading many books

Day nearing it's end, nothing more I can say                                                                            The black iron gate didn't squeak open today                                                                            Tomorrow the sun is definitely going to shine                                                                       Going out when it's nice folks are more inclined

Author Eileen Clark 2011

From the author, this poem is not about me.


My Paintings

Where’s That Smile
Where’s that smile of yours today
What do you mean you put it away
Do you want to bring everyone down
We don’t feel good seeing you frown

Do you at least have it close by
Before you make all of us cry
Perhaps you have it in your pocket 
Or do we need a key to unlock it

I can see that your feeling very bad
Otherwise you wouldn’t look so sad
Is it something that you can talk about
It might be a help to just let it all out

If you give us a smile or just a slight grin
You can then release all your endorphins
Forcing that smile can bring you a boost 
Then some of your stress could be reduced

Author Eileen Clark