The Pioneer Shoes


The Pioneer Shoes  

Valerie had joined the full time regular pioneer service as soon as she graduated high school. We lived right next to the hall so that was a big help for her to do this. We didn’t have much extra cash, just enough for our needs. We bought our cloths at Goodwill and matched them up with new cloths. You can get more outfits that way. It was a bit hard to get shoes. First we didn’t like wearing someone else’s shoes and Val had big feet which she inherited from me. Size 10 – 11. It was hard finding nice new shoes in that size in the department stores like Kaymart and Walmart. She was down to one pair of dress shoes for service and we were discussing the situation just before the meeting Thursday evening. I told her we’ll just have to pray for something to come up.
When we got home that very same night, a big black leaf and lawn bag was propped up in front of our door in the car port. We dragged it in and a tag was tied around the top of the bag that had Duncanville written on it. That was a town miles from our town, it was near Dallas.  It was filled with clothes that no one in our house could wear. Val just kept pulling them out until she was almost to the bottom when she yelled….shoes! She pulled them out, about five or six pair. They were all nice, attractive, dress shoes, and they were size ten. Also we knew they were from a witness sister which helped Val in the wearing of used shoes.Thank you Jehovah! 

Matthew 6:33 “Keep on, then, seeking first the Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these other things will be added to you.

Why Study The Bible

Do You Remember


Do You Remember
I’m one of those that was a teenager in the fifties,
The only word to use is, life back then was nifty.
It’s hard for me to say this about life as it is today,
You older ones will understand, it’s in complete decay.
My dresses were all homemade and filled with starch galore,
After my mama ironed them, they stood by themselves on the
kitchen floor.
My shoes were black patent leather, and oxfords of white and brown,
Only two pair I had, one for school, the other for church and going
into town.
Our games at school were jumping rope, kick ball, and playing with
trading cards,
Our jobs at home were setting tables, washing and drying dishes, and raking leaves in the yards.
We carried our lunch boxes and our school bags, and we rode our bikes to school,
We never never sassed our teachers and we lived by the golden rule.
In summer empty lots were made into baseball fields by the
neighborhood boys,
The sidewalks were blocked by hop scotch and roller skates and jacks for the girls toys.
Always in your pocket you carried a dime, listening for the ice cream trucks bell,
Never did you go home after dark, after the street lights came on,
for surly you’d catch ….
Eileen 2013