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Texas Sun Tea

Use The Power of The Sun!

Nestled in the memories of many a child of the 1970’s is the memory of tea brewing in a glass container out in the open sunshine. This delightful brew was known far and wide as sun tea. Many of us delighted in being the ones who would prepare the tea jug and then search for the perfect spot in the back yard, where the tea would receive direct sunlight and slowly brew into a delightful concoction that we would enjoy with our lunch and dinner that day.



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Lemon Verbena Mint Herb Tea Recipe

Lemon Verbena Mint Herb Tea Recipe

 1/2 cup of fresh mint leaves (not the stems, they’re bitter),
rinsed, lightly packed (about 20 leaves)

1/2 cup of fresh lemon verbena leaves, rinsed, lightly packed

(about 10-15 leaves)
2 cups of water


Bring a pot of fresh water almost, but not quite to a boil.

Put the mint and verbena leaves in a teapot. Pour the hot

water over the leaves. Let sit for 3-5 minutes. Strain into tea cups. Makes 2 cups.