Cookies and the Moon

Child Moon 


The child’s wonder
At the old moon
Comes back nightly.
She points her finger
To the far silent yellow thing
Shining through the branches
Filtering on the leaves a golden sand,
Crying with her little tongue, “See the moon!”
And in her bed fading to sleep
With babblings of the moon on her little mouth.


by Carl Sandburg

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Time & Cookies


Time quickly goes away,

like cookies on a plate.

Maybe if we bake some more,

We can make time wait.


Author Unknown


Will Your Cat Be Safe ?

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October is the month to give careful thought and consideration about your cats safety. There are a lot of nuts out their cat lovers. Your cats don’t have to be black to have someone want to harm them, and it’s not just Halloween night that you should have concern about. There is volumes of information out their folks on this subject, so lets all educate ourselves and be loving cat protectors in this month of October.                                                                                                                                         





The Cat in The Mist


The Cat in The Mist
The evening sky’s darken, falling slowly to the ground,
Soft mist is filling the air with a whispering sound.
A dim light from a lantern exposes something down below,
It’s a sleek black cat with a shiny coat moving very slow.
I’ve never seen the like of it, a smooth sophisticated stroll,
Gazing upon him I question myself , is he’s tired hungry or cold
I watch this silent creature move down the cool wet street,
I wonder if there is a home, a someone waiting for him to greet. 
Perhaps he lives in the city with a  pack of other cats,
Or possibly  he’s a loner and stays near the railroad tracts.
If I knew for certain that this little guy lived all alone,
There would be no hesitation for me to take him home.
Eileen  2015

Fear in The Moonlight


  Fear in The Moonlight 


The night is very dark with a slight summer breeze,

A shimmer of moon peeking through the branches of trees.

I hear another’s footsteps in the distance from behind,

Hopefully the owner is a person that’s very kind.


As I continue to walk further, a pounding in my heart,

The moon gets brighter as the clouds start to part.

I turn around as I hear the sound at a faster pace,

Gleefully I shout as the moon lights up my brothers face.

Eileen 2015


On a Night of Snow

Wow...neat on so many levels...where did the cat come from? Where does the road lead? Lovely in black and white!

Cat, if you go outdoors, you must walk in the snow.
You will come back with little white shoes on your feet,
little white shoes of snow that have heels of sleet.
Stay by the fire, my Cat. Lie still, do not go.
See how the flames are leaping and hissing low,
I will bring you a saucer of milk like a marguerite,
so white and so smooth, so spherical and so sweet –
stay with me, Cat. Outdoors the wild winds blow.

Outdoors the wild winds blow, Mistress, and dark is the night,
strange voices cry in the trees, intoning strange lore,
and more than cats move, lit by our eyes green light,
on silent feet where the meadow grasses hang hoar –
Mistress, there are portents abroad of magic and might,
and things that are yet to be done. Open the door!

by Elizabeth Coatsworth

(May 31,1893 – August 31,1986) was an American writer of poetry for children.

My Cats by The Hearth

My Cats by The Hearth
It’s cold outside, the wind is blowing
Freeze in the air, soon it will be snowing
Nothing can be better on this whole earth
Just watching my cats sleeping by the hearth
Many a cat would be filled with delight
To be in a warm cozy home for the night
But for them it’s just a dream far out of sight
Only abandonment is to be their plight
All I can offer is this plea to all of you
Can you adopt a cat, or maybe even two
If you have a cat, can you neuter or spayed
By doing this less cats have to be saved
I feel a shiver as I here the wind howl
Oh so many cats tonight out on the prowl
I am filled with thankfulness gaiety and mirth
As I gaze at my at my sleeping cats by the hearth
By Eileen 2012