Cooked Goose

You know the old saying your goose is cooked
Whenever I hear that I really get shooked
I hear there's some truth to that nasty old saying
I'm valuable because of the many eggs I keep laying

You have to learn how to run really fast
If you don't, how long will your life last
I've learned to do more then just waddle
You'd be smart to use me as a role model

Don't get caught walking around here alone
The inside of a kettle will be your next home
Keep your bill shut, don't utter a honk or quack
If you get noticed it may be your last act

Author Eileen Clark

Image: Found on Pinterest

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Sun Tea


Sun Tea doesn’t taste any better

It just takes a lot longer to get’er

Make sure  you put lids on the jugs

It’s a sure way to keep out yer bugs

  Author Eileen Clark

Lovely ice tea jar image, bugs not included. :)https://gardentherapy.ca/sun-tea/