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The Sounds of Autumn

Hear the sounds of fall
Geese giving out a call
Swishing of colored leaves
Falling off seasoned trees

Leaves crushing under feet
Snapping branches in burning heat
Scented smoke clouding eyes
Bubbles popping on simmering  pies

Juicy crunching of an apple
Hay rides on  roads of gravel
Gurgling of pouring out apple cider
Crackling of dry wood in the fire

Snoring from grandpa who is sleeping                                                                  Hissing radiator warm we are keeping​   
Deep in the night hear the owl  call
Listen up dear critters it is now fall

Author Eileen Clark 2019

Image: Original Nature Painting by Bianca Cudalbu 
Owl flying in the forest

My Paintings

Last Wishes

I want to walk down a gravel road
Hear stones crunching under my feet
On one side Daisies and Black Eyed Susan's
On the other a field of swaying wheat

I want to sit at an old picnic table
Near a lake, in the woods, under trees
That shouldn't be asking for too much
There was a time when I did all of these

I want to ride my bike, take a hike
Dig my toes down in hot ocean sand
Smell of nature in all the pasture land
I want to rake up red and yellow leaves

Alas, a finial plea amongst all of these
Is to thank Jehovah one more time on bended knees
Stead in a wheelchair I sit, on my porch, in the breeze

Author Eileen Clark

I am happy to inform all my followers on WordPress  that my poem  "Last Wishes" has been published  on  Spillwords Press. I would like to thank Dagmara K., and the  Spillwords  Press team for publishing this and other poems I have written.

Most Sincerely, Eileen Clark

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