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My Ink Is Drying Up

My ink is drying up and my pen no longer writes smooth                                                This just can't happen now, to many thoughts I will loose                                      Fading away this old body, still more to write, to be heard                                         My memories and precious images are becoming a bit blurred

My hand shakes, the paper gets wrinkled as I write so fast                                                But I must write quickly while the thoughts in there still last                                       Some verses, as I write I laugh, often things were very funny                                        Then the sad things, my tears make the ink blurred and runny

So pass my writings down to every family child that arrives           Never just store them away in some back room archives                                            May the pages look well read, the corners torn and tattered                                                It will be a way of telling me, to you my poems mattered

Author Eileen Clark

Image ~ tattered pages on a old book of poems – Google Search

My Poems

My Grammy’s on Facebook !


I made friends with my Grammy on Facebook today,
When I saw her request, What in the world could I say.
I couldn’t let her down, nor could I get off the hook,
I reluctantly accepted as my finger on the keyboard shook.
I qotta get in their and clean up comments on my page,
Before Grammy sees it and has a heart attack rage.
She still thinks of me as her fair haired child,
Doesn’t know my friends and I are weird and wild.
She knows I have tattoo’s and piercings and such,
But on Facebook about me, she’ll learn way too much.
So to all my friends, take a chill pill for awhile,
You can clean up your act and wipe off that smile.
It could happen to you guy’s so stop all the wise – jokes,
And give me idea’s on how to stop her from sending me
She sends me funny pictures, recipes, poems and quotes,.
Even scolds me at times and leaves on my page long notes
Uh oh, late last night she died very calmly in her sleep.
Guess now my Facebook account, I won’t have to delete.

Author Eileen Clark  2015

Don’t get bent out of shape folks, just having a little fun.