My Paintings

Feeding The Birds or Feeding The Cats

While I'm filling my big bird feeder up                                                                     Knowing their time to live I could disrupt                                                                       Having it low enough to reach so I can fill                                                                 High enough so cats don't have an easy kill

My cats have bowls of food around in the house                                                              They also have places to find and catch a mouse                                                        Winter birds have trouble finding bugs and worms                                                                       Life is not so easy, it doesn't go by their terms

My cats could be so warm sleeping near the heater                                                        Instead there outside lurking under the bird feeder                                                              So am I feeding the birds or feeding my cats I wonder                                                                  No matter which it is I ask, am I making a blunder 

Author Eileen Clark


My Poems

Nantucket Birds

It’s gray cloudy and blustery on this November day 

Brown tattered leaves blowing every which way

Little birds are flying among the crusty leaves

Not sure watch is which my eyes tend to deceive

 I will stay and I’ll watch so I can tell them apart

Those landing on the feeder would be a good start

The feeder is plenty filled and standing very tall

A large variety of  seeds, I think I bought them all 

I live on the now cold shores of old Nantucket

The blend of feed I make in a big steel bucket

So many homes are empty at this time of year

Our little feathered friends find less food I fear

I make the blend with berries milo and sunflower seeds

The bucket holds enough for this whole winters needs

Quickly on the feeder three or four birds zoom in to dine

Once they have found me they’ll be back all the time

I look  forward to seeing them in the early spring

Outside my kitchen window I will hear them sing

Looking plump and healthy is so pleasing to my eyes

Knowing the time I took making this blend was wise

From past years the birds know these trees are the best

On the very strong branches they will build their nest

Mothers tell the youngins, your twiggy legs I would not pull

Starting in October always with the best this feeder will be full

by Eileen Clark