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That Glorious Sound

Every kid loves to hear that glorious sound                                                                                 The crack that echoes around the playground                                                                                             A young boy just swung his tightly gripped bat                                                                             Like lightning he runs leaving behind his blue hat

Right off  it's a home run for this newly formed team                                                       Friends shouting, hardly believing what they've just seen                                               Running past each base we can hear this young lads dreams                                                        Hey dad, someday I'm going to be on the big league teams

Author Eileen Clark 2023

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Mommy’s Hats

Mommy’s hats are fun to put on because she is so pretty

 And when I put one on I tend to get a little bit giddy

Because I look so grown up and somewhat resemble her

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, I’m really not too sure


Right now I look like my dad, that’s what most folks say

But dad say’s not to worry, you keep changing every day

So listen up, I’m not saying this just out of fatherly duty

Even right now without those silly hats, your a real cutie

Author Eileen Clark 2022

Image: This beautiful painting can be found at https://picclick. com/Popular/pati-bannister-prints

My Paintings

No Trespassing

My friend Joey and me were hanging out in his yard                                               Had nothing to do though we were thinking real hard
Nearing end of August we were sweating from the heat
Joey gives out a shout, I got an idea that's really neat

We could go to the corner ice cream and candy store
Got no money to spend, we'll get thrown out the door
We can go swimming at the junior high's indoor pool
A locked gate, no lifeguard on duty, no way to be cool

Our last plan brought us to our towns roadside stream
A No Trespassing sign nailed to a tree can be easily seen
When Joie and I are striped down to are swimming trunks 
Up pulls officer Kelly's cruiser, oh brother we are sunk

Driving me home I thought my dad was quite upset
I did something for a long time he might not forget
But he smiled at me and said we're on the same page
I got caught swimming there too when I was your age.

Author Eileen Clark 2022

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