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I Lost My Toupee In The Park Today!

Let's go for a walk in the park, I insist,                                                             The weather is fine, it may be a bit brisk.                                    Stuck my head out the door just to be sure,                                           A bit of a breeze, nothing I can't endure. 

Off we go, taking the dog and leaving the cat,                                      I decide it would be fine not to wear my hat.                            This turned out to be a most memorable day,                                 The so called slight breeze blew off my toupee!

Author Eileen Clark 2023
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Kitten In The Fall Leaves

There  is nothing more hilarious for any of us to see 
Is to watch a kitten jump into a raked up pile of leaves
Even better,  trying to catch one slowly drifting down
Floating on a breeze that has the kitten twirling around

When they crawl in through the bottom of this neat pile
You stand there in expectation wearing a slight smile
Suddenly they pop up with big eyes looking right at you
Leaves flying everywhere, it’s not likely you had no clue

Next comes the most entertaining activity of the year
You laugh so hard your eyes get filled up with tears
Oh for a camera so you could have taped this episode
Standing in front of you that pile of leaves explodes

Author Eileen Clark 2022

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The Duck With No Web Feet

This little duck didn't have webbed feet
Other ducks laughed when they'd meet
His mama said, I think it is really neat
He swims and waddles to his own beat

This little duck was named Webless Hank
When others laughed his little heart sank
After all he had no trouble walking on land
His daddy said his swimming was quite grand

You know this little duck could even climb trees
And swing from branches, tail waving in the breeze
He grew up proud with great parents he could thank
No matter how big the pond, he would have never sank

So how this tail ends I'll tell you my feathered friends
When the wind blows, with it you must always learn to bend
No matter how much and loud the other ducks honk and quack
Pay no attention, let it roll, like water off a duck's back

Author Eileen Clark 2022

From the author, it’s just a fun poem, no reason why the idea came to me, it just did.

Why might it be hard to survive as a duck with web-less feet?  It’s solely because of ineffectiveness while swimming. Ducks need web in place of space as we humans have, as they spend a lot of time in swimming in the water. This is just a  cute poem I had fun writing friends.

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An Elephant Walking In Wildflowers

 I try to walk very gently through a field filled with wildflowers
Not crushing them under my feet takes a short walk many hours
On hot days I flap my ears over them to give out a slight breeze
If not for me they would dry up for this field doesn’t have trees

Lots of bees and butterflies continually dance around my head
Getting stung or one flying up my trunk is a thing I daily dread
I am blessed with having such freedom and plenty of space to roam
Concrete floors and iron bars is sadly what some elephants call home

Author Eileen Clark

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Front Porch


From My Porch

After the end of a long hot day
At the end of my rope -  with nerves all frayed
I sat on the porch…to rest a spell
As the sun slipped… slowly behind the hill

Calmed…by the lingering…after glow
I watched…the summer night unfold

Crimson streaks…on a sky of blue
Melted…in a thousand…different hues
Got lost…in the dark…without the light
Leaving…just their shadows…in the night

And in fields…of clover…across the way
The crickets…began…their serenade
As fireflies danced…with sheer delight
Glowing…in  love…with this summer night

And there…ahead…at the end of the road
Above the bridge…where the river flows
It rose - like magic - before my eyes
An orange moon… so big…it filled the sky

Poem by ~Elaine George

Painting by ~ Eileen Clark ( Watercolor)


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