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There's no greater place that I would want to be                                                                                                                  Then the beautiful bluegrass state of  Kentucky                                                                                                        Miles and miles of painted white rolling fences                                                                                                                       Early morning mist hovering over the green hills                                                                                                                        Well groomed horses ready to run for the thrills 

Fancy carriages pulled by beauties strutting their stuff                                                                                                           One ride, two rides, three rides, it’s never quite enough                                                                                                      Fifteen distillery’s in the big city’s or in small urban                                                                                                                     Some rum some gin but the bragger is the bourbon

Maker’s Mark, Heaven Hill, Four Roses and Jim Beam                                                                                                              Besides the horses and hats, this is every jockey’s dream                                                                                                     Every season to me at least seems just about right                                                                                                                          Summer and spring  has it’s warmth in which I delight

Winter is cold and  crisp with a little bit of snow                                                                                                                                    Quickly it's gone making room for the bluegrass to grow                                                                                                                               Fall is the best and my favorite leaving no room for debates                                                                                                              It last longer and is more colorful than any of the other states

One last thing least I forget, do this so you'll have no regrets                                                                                                You bought the hats, drank the booze, possibly ran up some debts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Now that you've had fun and made all the rounds                                                                                                                    Please buy that winning ticket at Churchill Downs!

Author Eileen Clark

My Paintings

The First Robin

Welcome, welcome, little stranger,
    Fear no harm, and fear no danger;
We are glad to see you here,
    For you sing, “Sweet Spring is near.”

Now the white snow melts away;
    Now the flowers blossom gay:
Come, dear bird, and build your nest,
    For we love our robin best.

Poem by Louisa May Alcott

Louisa May Alcott was one of four daughters born to Bronson and May Alcott. Louisa worked from an early age to help with expenses. She worked as a governess, a seamstress, a laundress, and a nurse but, at heart, she was always a writer. Her first book was published at the age of 23. Louisa’s best known work is Little Women, which has never been out of print since it was first published in 1868; it has been translated into more than fifty languages.

Beautiful Painting by

Proud Vigil American Robin with Baby Birds

I painted this portrait of an American Robin perched on her intricately woven nest, filled with her baby birds. I posed the mamma bird so her… more\

by Cindy Day

My Paintings

The Gray Owl

The big old gray owl, how wise he can be,       
Hiding from hunters that will never see.                                                                       
Sitting in plain sight on a branch of a tree,                                                                 
Blending with the bark will keep him free.

When night slips in and the darkness takes hold,                                                      
You can be sure that slick owl will get very bold.                                                       
 The depth of his sound reaches beneath every root,                                                   
Filling chilled air with that mysterious familiar hoot.

Other then his big round eyes of a bright yellow,
The quick turning of his head, what a smart fellow.
Many claims are made that the owl is very wise,
There can be no doubt for look at that disguise.                                                                            

Author Eileen Clark 2022

Beautiful Photo taken by  @edseljamesbatuigas ⁠


My Paintings

Iris, The Most Beautiful Flower

Iris, most beautiful flower,
Symbol of life, love, and light;
Found by the brook, and the meadow,
Or lofty, on arable height.

You come in such glorious colors,
In hues, the rainbow surpass;
The chart of color portrays you,
In petal, or veins, of your class.

You bloom with the first in Winter,
With the last, in the Fall, you still show;
You steal the full beauty of Springtime,
With your fragrance and sharp color glow.

Your form and beauty of flower,
An artist’s desire of full worth;
So Iris, we love you and crown you,
Most beautiful flower on earth!

Author Edith Buckner Edwards

This beautiful painting can be found at

My Poems

The Dazzling Hummingbirds

Tell me why the Hummingbird holds such a fascination,

Watching them out the window is my full time occupation.

They don’t wake me in the morning with a beautiful song,

Pictures I can’t take because they don’t stay still very long.


Yet early spring I’m eager to hang up my bird feeder,

Watching for the first male that is called their leader.

They are very hungry from their long migration journey,

Knowing nectar is always here concerned they will not be.


The dazzling ruby throated is incredible to see,

Thousands from the tropics land in every county.

Making a constant hum I never hear their tune,

All of my summer days for certain they will consume.

Author Eileen Clark 2022




There is no time like Spring,
When life’s alive in everything,
Before new nestlings sing,
Before cleft swallows speed their journey back
Along the trackless track –
God guides their wing,
He spreads their table that they nothing lack, –
Before the daisy grows a common flower
Before the sun has power
To scorch the world up in his noontide hour…

by Christina Georgina Rossetti

Christina Georgina Rossetti was an English writer of romantic, devotional and children’s poems, including “Goblin Market” and “Remember”. Wikipedia

Born: December 5, 1830London, United Kingdom

Died: December 29, 1894Torrington Square


Susan Rios Hollyhock House by Susan Rios – Print on Canvas


What Is A Cat ?

Gentle eyes
that see so much,
paws that have
the quiet touch.

Purrs to signal
“all is well”
and show more love
than words can tell.

Graceful movements
touched with pride,
a calming presence
by our side.

A friendship
that will last and grow,
small wonder
why we love them so.

Author Unknown

My Poems

The Caregivers

Unknown to others all around

But truly known to only one

Energy and listening abound

For them your work is never done

Providing not just care but love

Keeping a smile, hiding a tear

Someone is watching from above

You are holding back their fear

When all is said and all is done

From the earth this one is gone

Family members to you will tell

Dear caregiver, you’ve done well

Eileen Clark 2011


Art & Artest

Masterpieces of Victorian Architecture

The definition  for “Elegance” I think it would surprise you of just how many of these old Victorian homes are scattered all through out the United States and around the world!  If I were younger and had a lot more money, a lot more money I would definitely be living in a Victorian house right now.

These Old Houses: Beautiful Classic Homes Currently on the Market in Barrow County-0

Barrow County, Georgia

Bremond Block Historic District (Austin, Texas) - Wikipedia 

  Austin Texas

c. 1900 Victorian, Moberly, Missouri | Beautiful Victorian ...

              Moberly, Missouri    

Classic Victorian home | Cooperstown NY home. | woodfin ...

If your wondering why I have posted Victorian houses on our poetry blog today, it’s because when I look at a Victorian home I see poetry. Every detail of these house were crafted with not just necessity but beauty. From the archways to the door knobs and door hinges it was pure art and pride…..pride, something that’s missing these days. To many, this kind of decor would be just too much, you know, too busy, also too much work and upkeep.  Notice how many different colors are painted on one house.    Folks were not afraid to express themselves. The homes had large beautiful porches and they made good use of them, totally awesome! 

Queen Anne is the most elaborate and the most eccentric. The style is often called romantic and feminine, yet it is the product of a most unromantic era — the machine age. The Queen Anne style became fashionable in the 1880s and 1890s.

                 Masterpieces of Victorian Architecture

entranceway to the Calhoun Mansion built in 1876, Charleston, South Carolina

Entrance way to the Calhoun Mansion built in 1876, Charleston, South Carolina, also called a foyer. I love foyers, the one below would be my choice. Foyers were and still are as big as a large bedroom in today’s
The Calhoun Mansion, the largest residence in Charleston, has 35 rooms, a grand ballroom, Japanese water gardens, and 23 fireplaces. Can you imagine living here!!