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My Cats in The Rain

My cats in the rain, 

Sitting on the step.

 I open the door. 

She’ll come in I bet.

My cats in the rain, 

Out in the street. 

She needs to come in,  

I’ll give her a treat.


My cats in the rain, 

Her fur is all wet, 

She’s starting to sneeze, 

Now I’ll worry and fret.


My cats in the rain, 

I think she’s got a chill. 

I’ll call her in, get her fed, 

Nicely then, I’ll tuck her in bed.


Author Eileen Clark

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Will Your Cat Be Safe ?

Transparent_Fall_Leaves_Clipart (1)

October is the month to give careful thought and consideration about your cats safety. There are a lot of nuts out their cat lovers. Your cats don’t have to be black to have someone want to harm them, and it’s not just Halloween night that you should have concern about. There is volumes of information out their folks on this subject, so lets all educate ourselves and be loving cat protectors in this month of October.                                                                                                                                         





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Who Else Does This Stuff ?

Well it’s finally happened, a turd in the 


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Well it’s finally happened, a turd in the hall! Does anyone else have a cat that does this?  My cat Little Girl steps into the litter box, be it turds or tinkling, as soon as she’s done she jumps out of the box and runs through the house into the kitchen and slides across the kitchen floor to a quick stop. She does this every time, no scrapping or pushing the litter around, no sniffing and no covering up her done duty. It’s like she is timing herself to see how quickly she can get in, get the task done and get out. Well it finally happened, yesterday she actually dropped a little turd on my bedroom floor on her way running to the kitchen! She never blinked, never hesitated, just kept running like it never happened. She’s a piece of work alright and it makes me love her all the more.  
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I’m Only a Cat

Cat by Alan Albegov.( Paihia, New Zealand)

  • I’m only a cat,
    and I stay in my place…
    Up there on your chair,
    on your bed or your face!
  • I’m only a cat,
    and I don’t finick much…
    I’m happy with cream
    and anchovies and such!
  • I’m only a cat,
    and we’ll get along fine…
    As long as you know
    I’m not yours… you’re all mine!
  • Author Unknown
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