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My Cats in The Rain

My cats in the rain, 

Sitting on the step.

 I open the door. 

She’ll come in I bet.

My cats in the rain, 

Out in the street. 

She needs to come in,  

I’ll give her a treat.


My cats in the rain, 

Her fur is all wet, 

She’s starting to sneeze, 

Now I’ll worry and fret.


My cats in the rain, 

I think she’s got a chill. 

I’ll call her in, get her fed, 

Nicely then, I’ll tuck her in bed.


Author Eileen Clark

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I’m Only a Cat

Cat by Alan Albegov.( Paihia, New Zealand)

  • I’m only a cat,
    and I stay in my place…
    Up there on your chair,
    on your bed or your face!
  • I’m only a cat,
    and I don’t finick much…
    I’m happy with cream
    and anchovies and such!
  • I’m only a cat,
    and we’ll get along fine…
    As long as you know
    I’m not yours… you’re all mine!
  • Author Unknown
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