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“This is not a new idea, but it’s a great idea so we are ‘paying it forward,’” said TADL Director Metta Lansdale Jr.  “The message behind the Little Free Library is simple and dovetails with TADL’s mission; it’s about building literacy as well as a sense of community.”

Learn More about the synchronicity of small community libraries and the Little Free Library Movement.

You will really enjoy traveling around the world visiting beautiful and in some places very strange outside libraries. Share with us if you have had the privilege of seeing any outside libraries in your travels. ~*~

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1900 Book

Antique 1900 Book Journal Model Painting Book For Young

Created from an antique copy of a children’s activity book “Model Painting Book for Young People”. I saved a lot of the original pages and added 50 piece of blank paper. Great looking antique picture on the front. The cover shows some great wear which gives it a wonderful old time look. I’ve listed most of the other pagers in my shop for purchase so check them out. They would be great for so many craft projects or framing.

Measures 8 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ and includes 50 pieces of blank paper.
For my Antique Book Journals I’ve selected books that are at least 100 years old. I’m looking for unique and wonderful subject matter and illustrations. I’m also using some beautiful 24lb weight ivory granite paper that   is 50% post consumer recycled. This paper has a great feel and better matches the nice aged original pages from the books.

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Winter and Reading


Glenda Gleave  — Tell Me the Stories of Jesus (800x723):

           A Book

A book, I think, is very like
A little golden door
That takes me into places
Where I’ve never been before.

It leads me into fairyland
Or countries strange and far
And, best of all, the golden door
Always stands ajar.

          by Adelaide Love
Saved from

Guiding Our Children

"Child's Play" by Pino Daeni

“Children in the first six years learn to read, and every year after that they read to learn.”

Author Unknown

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“It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.”
L.R. Knost



I Love Honey Bunch !

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When I was in fifth grade a friend to my mom gave her several Honey Bunch books. They were her grown daughters that left them behind after she entered collage and no longer wanted them. I was not much of a reader, but after reading the first one that took me awhile, I eagerly read the next and the next and when I finished them all I wanted more. I wish I still had them  with me

The Honey Bunch series of books were part of the Stratemeyer Syndicate of books which included the series Nancy DrewHardy Boys and the Bobbsey Twins. This series was written under the pseudonym Helen Louise Thorndyke, and published for most of its life by Grosset & Dunlap. The series began in 1923 and chronicled Honey Bunch on various trips and adventures throughout the series.

The first sixteen were written by Josephine Lawrence:

  1. Honey Bunch: Just a Little Girl
  2. Honey Bunch: Her First Visit to the City
  3. Honey Bunch: Her First Days on the Farm
  4. Honey Bunch: Her First Visit to the Seashore
  5. Honey Bunch: Her First Little Garden, 1924
  6. Honey Bunch: Her First Days in Camp
  7. Honey Bunch: Her First Auto Tour
  8. Honey Bunch: Her First Trip on the Ocean
  9. Honey Bunch: Her First Trip West
  10. Honey Bunch: Her First Summer on an Island
  11. Honey Bunch: Her First Trip on the Great Lakes
  12. Honey Bunch: Her First Trip in an Airplane
  13. Honey Bunch: Her First Visit to the Zoo
  14. Honey Bunch: Her First Big Adventure
  15. Honey Bunch: Her First Big Parade
  16. Honey Bunch: Her First Little Mystery
  17. Honey Bunch: Her First Little Circus