My Poems

Your Golden Years

Do you feel like this now that your old?                                                                                                                               Your fingers from arthritis do not unfold                                                                                                                  Your body temperature is always very cold                                                                                                                The clothes in your closet not hung but rolled                                                                                                         Food in your refrigerator is covered with mold                                                                                          You’ve been through hard times so anything of value you’ve sold                                                                        Loss of hearing, the same things several times over your told                                                                                  Still when you talk, your way to loud, you spit and your bold                                                                                  The purses you carry, a foot locker they could easily hold                                                                                        You keep your money in the mattress instead of a billfold                                                                                          So how can it be said that these last years of yours are made of gold?
Are these your Golden Years?
Author Eileen Clark  2023


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