My Poems

Enchanting Winter Symphonies

The words to describe this long trying dreary day                                                          Could be cloudy gloomy dismal and very very gray                                                           It's damp here in the house, cold and raining out
A day one could stay in bed, of this I have no doubt

Slipping under my covers hoping it will be better in the morning                                        I knew the rain had turned to sleet hitting hard was enough warning                                     
Weather like this I've seen before, I'm sure I'll wake up to a freeze
The barometer on my porch shows it's dropping below zero degrees

In the morning my room was bright even through closed drapes A dazzling scene of iced bushes and trees in shimmering shapes Branches were bending and crackling in a slight brisk breeze Icicle chimes were playing some enchanting winter symphonies

Author Eileen Clark


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