Outside Libraries Everywhere

“This is not a new idea, but it’s a great idea so we are ‘paying it forward,’” said TADL Director Metta Lansdale Jr.  “The message behind the Little Free Library is simple and dovetails with TADL’s mission; it’s about building literacy as well as a sense of community.”

Learn More about the synchronicity of small community libraries and the Little Free Library Movement.

You will really enjoy traveling around the world visiting beautiful and in some places very strange outside libraries. Share with us if you have had the privilege of seeing any outside libraries in your travels. ~*~

7 thoughts on “Outside Libraries Everywhere

    1. I’m sure there is someone that lives or works near these little book stands and checks on them to add newer books and see if some have been damaged and need to be mended or replaced. These outside libraries are run on a trust the public and often in these cases the people prove to be trustworthy. Thank you for your interest and comment Pam.

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