My Poems

The Elephant Family

In elephant families the females are the boss                                                                              Choosing a matriarch they are not at a loss                                                                                   The older and experienced one leads the herd                                                                          Walking in a straight line no one gets deterred

The journey is a constant search for food and water                                                           Amazingly that task is left for moms and daughters                                                                                 Young ones hold on to the tails of mothers for protection                                                                         All the adults for there young have such great affection

When family or friends meet, they have such joyful greetings                                              Spinning around, flapping ears, touching trunks, then repeating                                       Surprisingly they love to swim, role around in the water at play                                                       To quench there thirst they will drink up to fifty gallons a day

All the elephants will circle around one that is hurt or weak                                                  Even though they are very large, their disposition is meek                                                  No other animal shares this kind of caring family interaction                                                        That is why we find the elephant such a wondrous attraction

Author Eileen Clark 2022

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