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My Cat Sitting At The Door

I am so sorry I have to say to my sweet cat                                                                             Once again I really didn't mean to do that                                                                                         Left her sitting at the door for how long                                                                                    Her cries and meows just aren't very strong

When I see her sitting there it breaks my heart                                                                                        I must come up with a plan, I need to be smart                                                                                        I'll think like a cat, to me what would she tell                                                                                Said my cat, that's simple, just lower the door bell

Author Eileen Clark 2022


9 thoughts on “My Cat Sitting At The Door

    1. Hello Eugenia and thank you for reading and commenting. The image is not one of LG. I search on google for pictures to go with my poems. I don’t have any photos of LG sitting at my door, and she scratches at the door to let me know she wants to come in, Dixie is the cat that just sits and waits for me to check.

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