My Paintings

The Monarch Butterfly 

A caterpillar that is a bright striped yellow and black

With antenna on both ends, the front and the back

 Eating milkweed makes them taste bad to predators

Therefore it keeps away other bug eating competitors


This effort helps the Monarchs live to become adults

Otherwise NO Monarchs on the earth would be the results

The facts show the adult butterfly lives for only a few weeks

So warmer climate is what this delicate butterfly seeks


 Conservation experts years of studying them now think

 If mankind doesn’t want the Monarch to become extinct       

Our old ways of doing things no doubt can be rearranged

To make big efforts towards the progress of climate change


Author Eileen Clark 2022

Image at the top from Pinterest

My butterfly bush attracts lots of Monarch butterflies every summer. You might consider planting one in your yard, they are hardy and easy to care for.

7 thoughts on “The Monarch Butterfly 

  1. Long live the Monarch. I’m looking forward to seeing his likeness in Heaven. Yes, I think he will be there. When God created him, He said “it is good.” So I think all good things God created will be there. Blessings.

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  2. I loved this, and mentioned this post in one of mine. Hope that’s ok. Thanks to you I learned the name of this plant that I’ve been admiring on our street. 🙏💗


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