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My Freckles

Please don't laugh when you look at me                                                               I'm not a happy kid as you well can see                                                             What you notice first, my face is freckled                                                       Because of so many, I often get heckled

My dad has none and my mom has but two                                                          My older brother and sister have just a few                                                         They didn't bother me, didn't make me blue                                                           While I was little the freckles stayed little too

Then as I started to grow one could plainly see                                                 These freckles were starting to take over all of me                                                 My brother was encouraging and always steadfast                                             Assuring me that soon enough this will all pass

As you can see little brother my freckles disappeared                                            You'll grow up handsome like me, so there's nothing to fear                               Because your still so young, all of this may sound a bit weird 

But if you still have freckles when your a man, 
just grow a beard

Author Eileen Clark  2022


7 thoughts on “My Freckles

  1. A wonderful poem. I loved the concept of a poem on the freckles of a child. This is really cute and charming. Have a fantastic weekend🍕🏠🎉

    Liked by 1 person

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