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Green Thumb

You remember I wrote a poem for my granddaughter called “Apple Pie And Grammy,” well my granddaughter just wrote a poem for me called, “Green Thumb” and I want to share it with you today.

My Grammy taught me many things, From interior design to growing things. Full of energy I couldn’t sit still, She gave me work ethic, a valuable skill.

She’d wheel around, shouting orders from her throne, Our back yard looked like a flower shop for our home. On rainy days she hurt too much to leave the bed, So we watched movies cuddled up instead.

From cooking and baking I was critiqued, Eating at least one bite just to please me. Oh how I miss those days, though I’ll never forget; The growing love between my Grammy, my friend.

By Taylor Grzyb – 2022

My granddaughter Taylor

Green Thumb Image:

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