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Digging To China

The Summers were hot in the suburbs of our city,   We had a small sandy yard, a few toys and a kitty.                                          It was just me and my brother ages four and six,                                             We tried to dig to China with a shovel and some sticks.

Into the hole my brother presses down his ear,                                                  Be quiet little sister for I am trying to hear.                                             Running to mom shouting, I hear people talking,                                                      Dig further down son, you might see them walking.

How grand our mother was, able to keep us entertained,                               Though times were hard, we never heard her complain.                                           My children live in luxury with every electronic game,                                          If I told them to dig to China, they'd think I was insane.

Author Eileen Clark 2022

This poem has a lot of truth in it, we actually spent hours digging a hole in our back yard and listening for voices. My brother Dickie who I called Red because he had red curly hair, was positive he heard Chinese people talking and had me convinced. He also really saw the Easter bunny take a bite out of the carrot mom left for it, and he really really saw Santa take a bite out of the oatmeal cookie mom left for him on a plate. My brother was a really convincing kid over his gullible little sister.

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