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Apple Pie And Grammy

It was a cold wet and very dreary mid October day,
Noticing my granddaughters mood was kinda gray.
Many thoughts, ideas went rushing through my mind,                                            Surely there must be something useful that I can find.

There it was on my dining room table in a ceramic bowl,
Two kinds of green apples a bit ripened but not too old.
Quickly itemizing in my head all the ingredients I'll need,                                         I realized that I had them all and surely would succeed.

At first my granddaughter did not seem very excited,
So I threw some flour at her and she became delighted.
Next was to see who could cut the longest unbroke peel,
Her eyes lit up and a big smile, how good it made me feel.

The following fall I bought McIntosh and Golden Delicious,
A gift for my granddaughter that was totally nutritious.                                          I am eager to explain my heartfelt desire and ambition,
How wonderful it will be to make this our October tradition.

So my dear granddaughter I will not deny,
You will forever be the apple of my eye.

Author  Eileen Clark 2022


15 thoughts on “Apple Pie And Grammy

    1. Good day, thank you, my granddaughter is a grown woman now with two daughters of her own. I was thinking about her recently remembering those days and thought it would be nice to write this poem and send it to her.​


      1. And I assume a good story? You and I seem to like a lot of same things, perhaps because of how and when we were raised. I love your “The Chocolate Baker” blog and following.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you again Eugenia, it is not the best of times for her right now so I wrote and sent the poem to her. Things happen and life goes on and hopefully we all grow up someday. Best regards 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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