My Paintings

My Wheelchair

I don’t like my wheelchair every day,
I don’t like my wheelchair in any way.
Every morning when I get up I pray,
God all thoughts positive may they stay.

I struggle and strive with my daily tasks,
My family and friends sincerely will ask.
How do you manage to keep up at this pace,
Handling frustrations with honor and grace.
I don’t like my wheelchair, yes I did say,
I long to take walks and go out and play.
But you do need to hear this, I really insist,
Without my wheelchair I could not exist !

Author Eileen Clark 2012


18 thoughts on “My Wheelchair

    1. Thank you Eugenia, there really are only two choices when given it some thought, be busy with what ever you can and be happy, or be miserable. I’ve written only three poems about my arthritis out of hundreds on many other subjects.

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    1. Thank you, I have written only three poems about my rheumatoid arthritis and all the others are about anything and everything. There are millions of people that are in far worse conditions which makes me feel very blessed with my life. I do appreciate your kindness, best regards.

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