My Poems

Mystery Rose

Right there before me was this beautiful red rose
Deep down in the center I buried my nose
Breathing all the air in to get that sweet smell
As my head drew closer to the center, do tell

Oh my goodness gracious, oh my dear
Tiny little sounds were entering my ear
I've heard tales of this from children so little
Said they heard laughter and music from a fiddle

There're giggles were growing as my interest in knowing
Was very much filled with excitement and showing
Was this really true, were tiny creatures living in rose's
Today I am telling truth that no one else discloses

Now I wish I could shrink to the size of an ant
Still hearing those voices how I want to but can't
Should I cut this rose and bring it inside
When the evening closes will they jump out and hide

As morning enters be they scatter and disappear
What a quandary I'm in, wrong choices to make I fear
Back down in the rose I buried my nose
Again quietly listening to sounds I suppose

The tiny people or fairies or bugs that sing
Around this one flower I tie a green string
Should I go back to the little children and ask
Or just lie near this mystery rose to ponder
and bask

Eileen "2012"

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