My Poems

My Autumn Cat

My Dixie cat is so very much fun,

I bring her out often for her daily run.

She mostly likes the big Maple trees,

With their many red and orange leaves.

One red leaf dropped on her head,

And slowly slipped down her nose.

Her yellow eyes only saw bright red,

She brushed it away with her paw-toes.

I gather the leaves up into a big pile,

And so begins much laughter for a while.

Jumping in and out in and out my crazy cat

Til there’s nothing left leaving the pile flat.

She stands at my feet looking up at me,

I kinda know what it is that she wants

Gather up another pile and you will see,

I will entertain you once again for free.

Said my special little Autumn kitty. 

by Eileen Marie

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