My Poems

My Lobster Claws

My hands are like lobster claws                                                                                         Just one of my latest flaws                                                                                              I can't pick up, hold onto, or grab                                                                                  That's why I've become such a crab

Because of the things I use to do                                                                                          I tell my oldest daughter                                                                                                         Like the ocean color I'm feeling blue                                                                                I now am a fish out of water

Still I have so many blessings like the white sands near the sea Someday, I'm gonna be back To the young person I use to be

Author Eileen Clark

This was one of the first poems I wrote, I have rheumatoid arthritis.


4 thoughts on “My Lobster Claws

  1. Yes and soon.
    I often share with others your habit of pioneering using a pencil on the keyboard.
    I’m so glad you have Val.
    My children are no comfort to me except Alan. He has been great.

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