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We’re talking about a time long long ago,

Happy places, happy faces, things went slow.

Folks strolling along down the sidewalk,

Aways stopping with their neighbor to talk.


Listen to the children’s laughter in the air,

Up and down each street, they were everywhere.

The sound of a ball hitting hard off the bat,

The thump of roller skates over each crack.


The enjoyment of a front yard is a thing of the past,

Back then you’d hear father’s  yelling, get off the grass!

Lemon aid stands and croquet sets ready to go,

Now the front yard is just something  to mow.


Ah, but the very best was the front porch time we spent,

After work, after school, after dinner, their we went.

Parents sitting on porch swings and in the wicker chairs

Children hanging on the rails and sitting on the stairs.


Young and old gathered on the porch summer nights,

Drinking ice tea while chatting about the days news.

Lingering on until aglow became all the street lights

Walking back home feeling no better life could they choose.


The very best thing I remember about my  porch,

On rainy days when we couldn’t go out to play,

Mother would make cookies and call our friends,

And on the porch we would laugh and play all day.

by Eileen clark