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Keukenhof, the most beautiful spring garden in the world!!!

Found on tempodadelicadeza.com.br

     The Tulip

Tulips shyly smiling, greet the spring
Tightly closed when at
First we meet
Tulips slowly opening, begin to sing
Gaining volume
Ever sweet

No longer shy, as days grow longer,
Raising their heads
They begin to flirt
Tulips dressed in many a color
Breezes swirling
Each floral skirt

Tulips, brazen painted hussies,
Part their bright lips trying to seduce
The busy buzzing bees
Far too bold for dainty tussies
Vibrant Tulip flowers produce
Visions certain to please

Mary Havran

Nemec, Mary

BIRTH Mary was born on January 6, 1913.
DEATH Mary died on August 22, 2006 at 93 years old.
LOCATION Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania