Old Library’s and Book Shops

Growing up in my home was not easy, we were not well off. I spent my time like most girls in the 50’s,at my friends house, at the park and in our town library. They used an old Victorian house for the library and left the inside pretty much the way any old house would be. Old wood floors with lots of  knicks, scratches, and dents, only with a thick dark clear shiny paint on them. They kept the huge fireplace in the big center room, although never lit but with a big soft Queen Ann’s chair on each side, so when I’d  sit in one of them I could actually smell the wood burning. This same  quaint town hada cute little book store that carried new and used books. I just loved that shop and have many sweet memories of it.

My life was not much different as a married adult, more happiness but still poor. My husband and I moved around a lot and I don’t mean from house to house or town to town but from state to state, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, Texas and Kentucky. Because we had little money to spend on entertainment, the first thing I would do after getting settled was to take my three children and go into town to find the library. Wonderful libraries have I sat in reading to my kids. All three of them to this day love old library’s and old books, especially the wonderful smell of old books. I had always thought hard about opening a little book shop with new and used books, never got to it, but I know my kids would have loved it and they would have been a big help managing it with me.


Raven Used Books

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Bridge Street Books. Washington, DC

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Boulder Book Store

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