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Well Fall is going away quickly and I’m a little sad about that, so I’m taking some pictures today while it still looks pretty good. I usually leave the pumpkins on my porch till they start to get moldy. It is my favorite time of year and I try to get out at least a couple of times to check out the beautiful Fall colors, and the farms here in Kentucky. I love to see the big rolls of hay and the drying corn stalks in the fields. I didn’t get out this year because it is getting tougher on me to get around because of arthritis and such. I decorate my porch every year with pumpkins and Chrysanthemums. My daughter gets the flowers and pumpkins for me and I must say, she found quite a neat variety of pumpkins this year. Doing this gives me joy and kinda brings the Fall to me. This is my sweet little cat Dixie that loves chasing the swirling leaves in our yard. she’s gonna miss it too.