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Do these pictures  remind you of a much simpler time?
Do you ever wish that you could really travel back,
To the country images that are resting in the corners of your mind.
Memories of goodness and happiness may you never lack.
Are you longing in your heart for the good old days?
Walking through fields where the Jersey cows graze.
In your minds eye, do you see the old rustic farm?
Linger their a little longer, it can do you no harm.
Ladies sitting at the table in a bright yellow kitchen,
Coffee and apple pie aromas filling the room.
Men in the parlor, manly conversations they’re pitching,
Children playing marbles while lots of candy they consume.
Do these pictures bring you back, in your mind are they instilled,
To a time when your pantry was stocked and baskets always filled?
Under your roof was there an abundance of love and very little strife.
Where Gods embers of warmth and glory filled every part of your life?
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