Black Cat and a cup of tea.  What could be better?  --

My Missy goes out the door every day,
All alone and lonely here I stay.
She leaves me food water and toys to play,
Even so she’s gone and my days are gray.
Where we live their is no yard with grass,
No fields of hay, or lakes with Bass.
Only buildings with brick and windows of glass.
The days are long and time slow to pass.
I eat and drink and watch out the window,
When it’s time for her here, I seem to know.
My hair stands up, my heart skips a beat,
I jump off the chair and run to her feet.

It seems that every few days, not sure I know,
Why she doesn’t rush out the door to go.
In the big chair she sits and reads while on
her lap I sit and purr,
Then watching TV together, she runs her
hands through my fur.
But I know, again and again my Missy will leave,
And again I will look out the window and grieve.
So alas she tells me when she’s home it’s a weekend,
And always and always on them I can depend.
Eileen 2014


                 { Inside The Authors Head }my-photo (23)

I have come across many pictures of cats looking out windows that were sweet and bright and gave me a happy feeling but this one took me aback. It’s kinda dark and gave me a sad feeling, hence this poem. It’s not one of my better writings as I quickly jotted down the words that went with the images in my head.