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The Day is Coming
It is a day, a long awaited day for you and for me
Jehovah’s glorious day, upon us soon, for all to see
It seems so often in the day, every day, it crosses my
It keeps me going, keeps me knowing, it soon will be
Through out the day, every day, I hear in my head,
Scriptures to calm me, to reassure me, that I am being led
To a pure and gentle place, with warmth of sun and soft
misty showers
Never again fearing the storms lashing out on us with
violent powers
The day is coming when I will be made new and pure, happy and
When my body will stand tall and straight, and I won’t be old
When I will run along side of my family and friends, and kneel
down to Jehovah to say,
I have waited, and you have kept your promise, reassuring us of
this glorious day
Thank you oh Father, may we never again let you down we
Eileen 2012   ~ Isaiah 35:6
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We as Jehovah’s Witnesses believe from scriptures in the Bible message they we will be living in a paradise here on this earth forever.
Psalms 37:11 But the meek will possess the earth, and they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.
Knowing this helps me to deal with the arthritis pain and not being able to go for walks in the woods which I use to do often. One day while thinking about Gods promise, this poem came to be.