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I never completed a thing as a child.
It dove my mother a little nuts, a bit wild.
No big deal, It’s just not me or my style.
Leave me alone to be a kid for awhile.
I never completed a thing when I was in my teens.
I was way to busy being a rock star in my dreams.
Started to paint, next it was pottery, then tried to knit.
Quit my art, broke my molds, lost my needles, mom’s
having a fit.
Tried collage, hair stylist, cooking classes, never 
What a plight, loosing site, the true meaning of my life 
has diminished.
Mom is older, lines on face from worry and crying.
Now I’m married, mom I promise, I will keep trying,
Here I am several months later and I’m expecting.
Mama says, with this task there’ll be no rejecting.
Each passing month I longed for this baby to meet.
At last, I feel so accomplished, content, and complete.