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Get out of my way, please get out of my way
I haven’t had my hot cup of coffee today
Sand in my eyes, cobwebs on my face
If you want to live, get out of my space
Haven’t brushed my teeth, nor used a wash cloth
What I need right now is cream and bean broth
Looked in the cabinet, the refrigerator, and drawer
Nothing no where, never been in this situation before
My eyes popping out, my ears are turning green
Toe nails curling up, and think I’m gonna scream
You ask what can you do, well you can either pray
Or get me quick to the nearest coffee cafe’
Eileen 2010

You Waited Too Long
Why that sleek sly smile on your face
Why that look in your eyes of distaste
Who’s mind did you wrongly cross today
who’s heart did you rip out and throw away
I can always tell when you’ve finished
with someone
You have a bit of that cocky stance
Bellowing out, well this dude is done
Now that I know you,I know in a glance
It’s finally happened to you at long last
Things I told you, you would not grasp
Said the day would come and you’d be old
You should’ve picked one of those sorry souls
You’ve lost your youth, it passes, it’s swift
You already had too many face lift’s
I’m giving you this address, don’t anymore cry
It’s the old folks home, their you might find a guy
Eileen “2009”