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I want to walk down a gravel road

Hear stones crunching under my feet.

On one side Daisies and Black eyed Susan’s

On the other a field of swaying wheat


I want to sit at an old picnic table

Near a lake, in the woods, under trees.

That shouldn’t be asking for too much.

There was a time when I could do all of these.


I want to ride my bike, take a hike,

Dig my toes down in hot ocean sand,

Smell of nature in all of pasture land

I want to rake up red, yellow, and brown leaves.


Alas, a finial plea amongst all of these

Is to thank Jehovah one more time on bended knees

Stead in a wheelchair I sit, on my porch, in the breeze

Eileen 2009

Image: http://thesinglewoman.net/tag/god/