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     My lobster claws
My hands are like lobster claws
Just one of my latest flaws
I can’t pick up, hold onto, or grab
That’s why I’ve become such a crab
Because of all these things I use to do
I tell my daughter
I now feel like a fish out of water
Still I have so many blessings
like the sand near the sea
Someday, I’m gonna be back to what
I use to be
Well I guess it’s true a poet will make up a poem about anything.
I had not done any crocheting in many years and when my granddaughter came walking
in with a hat on her head I had made many many years ago, I could not believe she still
had it and was still wearing it !  I asked her if she’d like  to have me make her a new one
and she said, “Oh, you can’t crochet anymore Grammy,” I just had to tell her of course I
could and I did !