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One of the very important things as a parent to do is

always pay attention to what your child is telling you.

I did try to do that but believe at times I may have failed. It was before your mom was

born, one day when your grandfather Jeff and I, your great- grandfather Lincoln and

great-grandmother Ruth, were coming home from a fair. We were on a highway in a suburb area, beautiful homes set back from the road with nice manicured yards. My son David, who

was three at the time, started shouting, “There are tigers in that house, there are tigers in that house!!” We all laughed sense David was always talking about apes and tigers, and we had just been at a fair As we kept moving along down the highway, I could see David was really upset.

He looked up at me with his big blue eyes and said, ” Mommy, I really did see tigers in that

house, honest Mommy.”  I pleaded with my father in-law that we must turn around and go back. I litterly got booed by a few in the car but with a little sharper tone in my voice, Gramps did turn the car around and back we went. It was going to be pretty hard to know how far back we had to go because no one saw the house with tigers and so which kind of house do you look for ? What color was it, was it big or small   I said, “we keep going until we see the house with the tigers in it.” hahaha After all, he shouted it out as soon as he thought he saw them.You can imagine how well that went over. Everyone was nonchalant about it but David and I kept our eyes glued to the left side of the road because he did know what side the house was on. Holy Moly !!!!! This beautiful house had tigers inclosed in their garage, David did see it. My father in-law pulled right in the driveway, parked the car, and we all just gazed at the sight and praised David up and down.Always pay attention to what your child is telling you Chelsea,

I was so glad I did.