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Growing up in my home was not easy, we were not well off and my father was a mean man.
I spent most of my time at my friends house, at the park and in our town library. We were blessed to have our library in an old Victorian house and they left the inside pretty much the way any old house would be. The floors were wide wood boards with lots of deep knicks scratches and dents, from years of use . Layers of high gloss varnish painted on them over the years made them look like black ice. Large windows with dark stained varnished woodwork and chair rail around every every wall in every room. It had a huge fireplace in the center of the large open room, although never lit. Big soft Queen Ann’s chairs were placed on each side of the fireplace and when I’d sit in one of them, I could almost smell the wood burning, even the warmth from it.

Instead of my home being a refuge from all the scary things out in the world like a home should be to a little kid, the library was my refuge. As soon as I walked in the door, I felt a warm glow come over me. The smell of old books, the nice elderly librarian, the soft whispers here and their, and the comforting safeness I felt was amazing. I would spend much of my childhood in old library’s.
My life was not much different as a married adult, more happiness but still poor. My husband and I moved around a lot and I don’t mean from house to house or town to town but from state to state, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, Texas and Kentucky. Because we had little money to spend on entertainment, the first thing I would do after getting settled was to take my three children into town to find the library. Wonderful libraries have I sat in over the years reading to my kids. All three of them to this day love old library’s and old books, and wonderful childhood memories. Is this something gone forever? Will the children of tomorrow never have the experience of sitting in an old library with the awesome smells of old books and squeaking floors, and the whispers of the librarian telling someone which isle they will find Treasure Island.
Library in Connecticut