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My Boots
We all had black, up past your ankle, rubber boots. Little girls did not have red, blue or pink boots back then.
The boots had snap type clamps from the middle to the top and often, when lazy, we did not buckle them up, just slipped them on and off we’d go. I loved to walk in the huge high snow banks along the side of the road where the plow’s piled it up after clearing off the roads.
On the way home from school one day, I was trudging along very slowly on the high snow banks.One foot after the other, each time my whole leg would be swallowed up into the bank, working very hard, wiggling my leg back and forth to pull it up out of the snow only to clump the other foot and leg down almost to my hips into the snow bank.
Finally one day, sure enough, it was bound to happen, up came my foot with no boot !I quickly looked down the hole where my foot came up from only to see snow. Of course snow will fall into the hole when the foot comes up. I frantically searched, pulling snow away with my freezing red bare hands from where I thought the hole might have been to where my boot still just might be, all the time knowing I was dead !
Yes, my father would kill me when he got home from work. In matters like this, my mother would not kill me, she just got sick. Here’s how it would go…” I’m sick, you have made me sick over this, I just can’t take any more, now I am sick.”
It was right after the second world war and we were poor, everyone was poor for awhile there, and I was NOT going to get a new pair of boots this winter. My feet were going to freeze every day back and forth to school and in the play yard, and in my back yard, and at my girlfriends back yard, all winter long, frozen feet, and of course, the big spanking my father gave me that night when he got home from work.