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Grab Your Children and a Paper Bag

Grab your children by hand and a paper bag,
Hurry hurry don’t let your feet too slowly drag.
Into the woods we’re headed for sure,
Going to let nature give us a memorable tour.
Now sun is yellow and warm making bright our faces,
Soon we’ll be in cool dark green whispering places.
Big things we see, gigantic boulders, tall trees,
We’re looking for tiny things hidden under rocks,
dead logs and leaves.
“We might find a Lady Slipper and give it to Mom,
A Jack-in-the-Pulpit we could give to Uncle Tom.”
Sweet berries are every where, but we mustn’t eat,
Watch the birds, see if they do make them a treat.
“Shush, I hear a sound coming from that hallow old log on the ground,
It might be a frog, chipmunk , or possibly a fairy
sneaking round”.
I believe your imagination has gone off in a whirl,
You funny child, it’s only fluffy brown squirrel.
The sun now a orange and red in the lower cooler
darkened sky,
To the birds, frogs, chipmunks, squirrels, and possibly a fairy say goodbye.
Get your rocks, berries, Lady Slippers, your leaves, moss and wood,
When we get home and empty your bag, we’ll see and know you did good.
Place the moss in the garden, rocks and wood on your shelf in a row,
Your golden leaves pressed in wax paper and hung in the kitchen window.
All that fresh air, running, hiding, playing has made you a sleepy head,
Eat your supper have your shower then off you go to bed.
Dreaming about the Lady slippers, frogs, squirrels and possibly a fairy no longer in its secret place,
When morning comes and your refreshed, check
your bag, make sure its empty……………just in case.
Eileen “2011”