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How many times did you sit next to your radio listening for your name to be read off of Santa’s list the night before Christmas ?

My two brothers ,one with blue eyes, red curly hair and freckles , so many on his face that they even ran into each other so it would be one big freckle. My other brother had black hair, gray eyes, and freckles thou not quite as many.
We’d wait through the long list of kids names being read till they got to the E’s being that our last name was Estey. We didn’t know it was in alphabetical order at the time,  just that it seemed like foreverrrr till he got to our name, good thing we weren’t the Smiths.
It would go like this,”and Bernie, Dick, and their little sister Eileen were good kids this year so they’ll be getting what they asked for.
How’d he know that I wondered. He doesn’t know us but I guess Santa told him. Thing is, I got in lots of trouble this past year. Got spanked twice, mostly cause of my brothers. One was a year older then me, the other, three years older.
I was six at the time. I remember doing this every year till it just stopped. Don’t know when, it just did. No body said anything about it. Nobody asked, nobody told.
Next thing we’ll talk about is the Phantom ! I knew what he looked like from the Sunday funny papers. He came on every week, don’t know what day but I’m guessing it was Saturday since we were home to listen to him.
Again it was the three of us, my two brothers and me. Except with the Phantom it was different listening for me.
The radio had a piece of hard cardboard screwed to the back, but a screw was missing and I could barely see through the tiny lit up crack on the side in the back of the radio. I just knew he was in their and I just had to see him.mI would try so hard to peek in the back slowly turning the radio while my brothers kept hitting me and saying shuuuush. Also threatening to get grandma or grandpa.
It was always over their house that we would listen to The Phantom because at our house my father ruled with a heavy hand and nobody touched that radio dial, not even Mom unless the great father touched it first and always for his news station.