~ Mystery Rose ~

Right there before me was this beautiful rose,
Deep down in the center I buried my nose.
Breathing in deeply to get that sweet smell,
As my head drew closer to the center do tell.
Oh my goodness, what’s this I do hear,
Tiny little sounds were entering my ear.
I’ve heard tales of this from children so little,
Said they heard laughter and sounds of a fiddle.
There’re giggles were growing as my interest in knowing,
Was very much filled with excitement and showing.
Was this really true, were tiny creatures living in rose’s,
Today I am telling  you truths that no one else discloses.
Now I wish I could shrink to the size of an ant,
Still hearing those sounds, how I want to but can’t.
Should I cut  the roses and bring them inside,
When the evening closes might they jump out and hide.
As morning enters would they scatter and disappear,
What a quandary I’m in, I don’t want to bring them fear,
Should I put away the shears and leave them alone,
After all is this not their  beautiful and mysterious home?
So I look at the children with their big inquiring eyes,
And I see they have let me in on their secret, yes
now I realize,
There is nothing I should do, nothing I should  say,
Just walk quietly away quietly  forever remembering this awesome day.
Eileen “2012”